Fixed Fees

*Please be advised the fees below do not include disbursements for e.g. home office fees, immigration health surcharge, counsel fees and biometric enrolment.
Initial Consultation175200Hourly
Tier 1 Investor Visa E/C10,00012,000Fixed Fee
Tier 1 Investor Visa Switch10,00012,000Fixed Fee
Tier 1 Investor Extension4,0005,000Fixed Fee
Tier 1 Investor ILR6,000Fixed Fee
Innovator Visa8,00010,000Fixed Fee
Start Up Visa3,0005,000Fixed Fee
Tier 1 Entrepreneur Extension5,0006,500Fixed Fee
Tier 1 Entrepreneur ILR6,0007,000Fixed Fee
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent3,0004,000Fixed Fee
Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence2,0003,500Fixed Fee
Tier 2 Cos Allocation500750Fixed Fee
Tier 2 (General) Work Permit E/C1,5001,500Fixed Fee
Tier 2 Package3,5005,00Fixed Fee
Tier 2 (General) Work Permit EXT1,5001,500Fixed Fee
Tier 2 (General) Work Permit ILR2,0002,000Fixed Fee
Tier 2 (ICT) Entry Clearance1,5002,000Fixed Fee
Tier 2 (ICT) Extension1,5001,500Fixed Fee
Tier 2 (ICT) ILR2,0002,000Fixed Fee
Tier 4 (General) Student E/C1,0001,500Fixed Fee
Tier 4 (General) Student EXT1,0001,200Fixed Fee
All Tier 5 Applications1,0001,200Fixed Fee
Turkish Businessperson3,0005,000Fixed Fee
Representative of an Overseas Business5,0007,000Fixed Fee
PBS Dependent Entry Clearance1,0001,000Fixed Fee
PBS Additional Dependent (Each)350350Fixed Fee
PBS Extension1,0001,000Fixed Fee
PBS ILR350350Fixed Fee
Visit Visa Entry Clearance1,3001,500Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Spouse E/C2,500350Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Spouse Switch2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Spouse Extension1,5002,000Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Spouse ILR2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Parent E/C2,5003,000Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Parent Switch2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Parent Extension1,5002,000Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Parent ILR2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Adult Dependant E/C2,5003,000Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Adult Dependant Extension2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Appendix FM – Adult Dependant ILR2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Immigration Rules Private Life 20 Years3,0003,500Fixed Fee
Immigration Rules Private Life 1/2 Life2,5003,500Fixed Fee
Immigration Rules Private Life 7 Years2,5003,500Fixed Fee
Immigration Rules Private Life Less 20 Yrs2,5003,500Fixed Fee
Immigration Rules Private Life Extension1,5002,000Fixed Fee
Immigration Rules Private Life Ilr2,5003,000Fixed Fee
Human Rights/Lotr/Exceptional Circumstances2,5004,000Fixed Fee
Immigration Rules 10 Years Ilr2,5003,500Fixed Fee
Asylum3,0006,000Fixed Fee
Asylum Ilr1,5001,800Fixed Fee
Further Submissions (Existing Client)1,0001,500Fixed Fee
Further Submissions (New Cliet)2,0003,000Fixed Fee
Eu Pre Settled Status350500Fixed Fee
Eu Settled Staus600800Fixed Fee
Eea Registration Cert (Blue Card)8001,000Fixed Fee
Eea Permanent Residence1,0001,200Fixed Fee
Eea Family Permit E/C1,0001,500Fixed Fee
Eea Residence Card1,5002,000Fixed Fee
Eea Permanent Residence2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Naturalisation British Citizenship1,0001,500Fixed Fee
Naturalisation British Citizenship (Complex)2,0002,500Fixed Fee
Deportation Order Representations2,0003,000Fixed Fee
Detention Sshd Bail1,0001,000Fixed Fee
First Tier Tribunal Bail6501,000Fixed Fee
Representations Whilst In Detention1,0001,000Fixed Fee
Legal Visit300300Fixed Fee
Asylum Screening Interview300300HOURLY (CAPPED)
Asylum Substative Interview300300HOURLY (CAPPED)
No Time Limit App (Replance Sticker With Brp)500750FIXED FEE
Transfer Of Conditions (Replance Sticker With Brp)350500FIXED FEE
Lost/Stolen Brp Replacement App5001,000FIXED FEE
Lodging Appeal To The First Tier Tribunal300500FIXED FEE
First Tier Tribunal Appeal – Immigration Rules1,5002,500FIXED FEE
First Tier Tribunal Appeal – Asylum2,0003,000FIXED FEE
First Tier Tribunal Appeal – Eea Regulations1,5002,000FIXED FEE
First Tier Tribunal Appeal – Deportation2,0003,000FIXED FEE
Pta To Ftt – Submission350500FIXED FEE
Pta To Ut – Submission300500FIXED FEE
Upper Tribunal Hearing7501,000FIXED FEE
Pre Action Protocol7501,000FIXED FEE
Judicial Review Permission Application2,5003,500FIXED FEE
Judicial Review Oral Recon Request6001,000FIXED FEE
Judicial Review Oral Permission Hearing7501,000FIXED FEE
Judicial Review Hearing1,5002,500FIXED FEE