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Leading Immigration Solicitors In London

Immigration law is a highly specialised and often complicated field, and yet, it is a field that many businesses and individuals need to navigate. Recent political pressures that have translated into ever-tighter UK immigration law further underline the importance of working alongside the most progressive, dynamic and well-informed professionals if you wish to negotiate this constantly changing legal landscape.

This is where our immigration lawyers at Cranbrook Legal prove their worth. Founded in 2015, we really are a law firm centred on UK immigration law, with a team of specialists who possess more than 25 years’ experience in the UK immigration sector. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), and have become highly respected for our work, being regularly approached for comments by the press regarding UK immigration issues.

As our client, you can look forward to a first-class service provided by highly capable and compassionate immigration lawyers. Whether you are interested in moving to the UK as an individual with your family, or you are a business looking to recruit talent from overseas to support your growth, you can be confident that we will manage your case with the utmost professionalism – and help deliver a positive outcome. To find out more, please call 0208 215 0053.

How Can Cranbrook Help Me and My Family?

Personal immigration services are just one area of strength of our responsive and experienced solicitors at Cranbrook Legal. You may aspire to move to the UK as a partner or dependant of a UK national, or you might wish to obtain a student or work visa for this part of the world. Alternatively, you may be looking to claim asylum.

These are just some of the potential situations in which you are likely to be thankful for our comprehensive personal immigration support. From the moment you make an enquiry with us and we agree a fee, right through to the submission of your visa or immigration application and any appeals, we will project manage your case, holding your hand at every stage to help ensure the desired result.

Along the way, we will call upon our wealth of experience in UK immigration law to devise solutions that enable you to meet the requirements for your chosen immigration or visa route. Working with our partners across the world, we can advise, guide and support you and your family on your quest to embark on a rewarding life in the UK.

Need An London Immigration Lawyer?

Cranbrook Legal is based in the heart of legal London, at 38 Chancery Lane. If, then, you are on the lookout for an immigration solicitor with access to all of the professional connections, partnerships and resources that the UK capital makes instantly available, you will be thankful for the convenience and expertise our firm can offer.

While our immigration lawyers are based squarely in central London, our client community extends across the UK, and includes many others with personal or business interests in the UK. Wherever you are geographically based as our client, however, you can expect the same dynamic and progressive immigration service, based on constant and clear communication, and tailored to your aspirations and needs.

By working closely alongside local, national and international partners such as barristers, country experts and medical professionals, our immigration solicitors can provide you with a complete service geared towards achieving the best possible result. Most of our services are also based on a competitive, pre-agreed fixed fee that will give you crucial financial certainty, whatever your specialised requirements may be as an individual or business.

Will My Visa Application Be Successful?

There can never be any absolute guarantee of the success of any given visa application. However,our central London-based immigration lawyers possess the far-reaching knowhow and experience needed to help our clients present the Home Office with the strongest possible case for their desired visa.

Getting a positive response to your UK visa application is likely to depend on bringing together a wide range of factors. These will include your ability to meet the given visa type’s eligibility and financial requirements, as well as to choose the most suitable visa category in the first place. Some visa routes may also have certain more specialised requirements, such as for a business plan and Endorsement from a Home Office-approved Endorsing Body.

Whatever your circumstances and needs may be, our immigration solicitors will work closely alongside you at every stage, while leaving you in no doubt about the current status of your case. Our in-depth knowledge, diligence and attention to detail further aid us in our efforts to secure for our clients the visa enabling them to enjoy a better and brighter future in the UK. All of this is reflected in our high approval rates for a broad range of sought-after UK visas.

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UK Business Immigration Solicitors

Immigration Services For Businesses & Innovators

Historically, UK businesses have often depended on migrant talent in order to help realise their strategic objectives, grow and thrive. However, there is also more to the equation than that. This is because foreign visa holders in the UK have also often made major contributions to the country’s innovative corporate landscape – in the process, helping to open up greater opportunity for everyone.

Today, UK immigration routes such as the Start-up, Innovator and Global Talent visa categories continue to provide avenues to move to, live and work in the UK for the world’s current and emerging leaders and innovators. Simultaneously, however, it can sometimes appear as if UK immigration law is becoming more stringent than ever.

Our own experts in UK business immigration can help you to make sense of such processes as obtaining a sponsor licence for your organisation, and recruiting overseas talent in accordance with the latest Home Office rules. Our specialised immigration services –largely operating on the basis of a pre-agreed fixed fee, but also in some cases following a ‘no win no fee’ model – will support your business in its efforts to capture and cultivate the innovators and leaders of today and tomorrow.

Bring Your Workforce To The UK With The Assistance Of A Leading Immigration Solicitor

If your organisation is eyeing up new markets for expansion and you are unsure how to overcome some of the barriers UK immigration law might present to these ambitions, it is well worth making an enquiry with our solicitors. We have an unrivalled knowledge and appreciation of all aspects of UK immigration law of relevance to business.

We would be pleased to have a discussion with you about potential solutions, such as submitting an application for the UK Expansion Worker Visa. This visa route is aimed at individuals or team members who wish to establish a presence for their parent company in the UK. We can help applicants in meeting the Home Office’s requirements for this newly introduced and popular UK immigration route.

We don’t merely talk about business immigration here at Cranbrook Legal; we have a stellar track record of helping innovative businesses from around the world to establish a presence in the UK. We are particularly at the forefront of the advancement of tech-based businesses in the UK. So, why not book your consultation today about how we could make it easier for you to move your staff to this ever-enterprising part of Europe? You can also call us, on 0208 215 0053.

Immigration Solicitors To Help You Relocate Your Business To The UK

The UK has long had a ‘business-friendly’ reputation, on account of such factors as its well-established economy, high-quality skilled labour force, and plentiful business opportunities. If your own firm is moving from overseas to the UK, you may be particularly drawn to London, which amplifies all the aforementioned benefits for innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs.

However, even if you can feasibly relocate your business to the UK, there remains the question of how easily you can move your workers in the same direction. The UK presents a broad range of work visa options and solutions for businesses wishing to transfer employees to British shores. For help with making sense of the available immigration routes, so that you can proceed with the ones representing the best match for your firm’s needs, please book a consultation with our central London-based lawyers.

The rules governing immigration to the UK may have become more complex and challenging in many ways in recent years. However, our lawyers continue to devise creative solutions, tailored to the most discerning and specific requirements of ambitious businesses.

Skilled Or Temporary Workers

Any business needs to be agile with its staffing if it is to survive and thrive, and the situation is no different for UK-based firms contemplating the recruitment of overseas talent. Routes like the Skilled Worker visa category offer tempting possibilities for British businesses in need of skilled and temporary workers to take on difficult-to-fill roles.

Business immigration, however, is a highly specialised field in UK law, and it can be difficult for even the most attentive and diligent business owner to keep abreast of ever-changing Home Office rules. This is why it is likely to be a good idea to partner with London-based immigration solicitors who can listen to your concerns, and propose the solutions that will help you to hire the personnel you need.

Make an enquiry now with our business immigration experts to discuss how we can make it easier for your firm to recruit the right skilled and temporary workers from abroad, while minimising legal barriers such as visa concerns.

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What Our UK Immigration Services Packages Offer?

When you require the complete UK immigration service that covers every key requirement from start to finish – whether as an individual or business – please do not hesitate to contact our professionals about our tailored immigration services packages.

Whatever level of experience you have with the UK immigration process, we will help to demystify it, while carefully project managing your case from the moment you first get in touch with us, right through to any application and appeals. We can continue to work alongside you on your case until it yields a satisfactory outcome.

Our Immigration Solicitors Advice Service

We realise that there are as many different requirements someone could have in relation to UK immigration law, as there are potential solutions. This is why we believe in placing a great emphasis from the beginning of our relationship with you, on the consultation stage that will allow us to be certain about your needs.

Our UK immigration solicitors offer consultations to both individuals and businesses. You can easily book yours using our online Appointy tool, including a free 15-minute consultation. If you require a more in-depth consultation than this involving specific legal questions, we will charge for this service.

This initial consultation should help you to become clearer about your options with regard to visa or immigration routes. It should also allow us to determine whether, and how, we could assist with your case, drawing upon our decades of knowledge and experience in UK immigration law.

Fast Track Services From Immigration Lawyers In London

If you have an especially urgent need for your UK visa or immigration case to be processed straight away, it may be possible to request a ‘fast track’ service for your chosen route. Our immigration lawyers can advise from an early stage whether this would be an option for you.

While the Home Office makes available fast track services for the processing of visa applications, these would be subject to an additional fee.

In the event that you cannot or do not wish to take advantage of the Home Office’s option to fast track your application, or even if you do, we can also offer our own priority service for the preparation of your visa or immigration application. Please make an enquiry today with our experts to learn more about this service.

Our Specialist Immigration Solicitors Application Service

Once you have determined with us which immigration or visa route would best suit your needs and aspirations, work will need to begin in earnest on the preparation of your application. Every immigration and visa category differs in terms of the eligibility, financial and other requirements; regardless, we will help you to navigate these.

Our central London-based immigration solicitors have an excellent track record of getting clients accepted for their chosen visa route. This owes largely to us making the most of our decades of combined experience in immigration law, but also to our impeccable attention to detail, diligence, and determination to achieve the best possible outcome from every client’s application.

If you would prefer to take on more of the preparation work on your visa application directly, we do have a more ‘hands-off’ Document Checking Service, whereby our lawyers would scrutinise your documents and how you have completed the application form, before you submit the application. Nonetheless, we take pride in offering an end-to-end visa application preparation service that will also be tailored to your most specific preferences and needs.

Appeals & Legal Representation From A Trusted Immigration Law Firm

It’s the news that no applicant for a visa for the UK would wish to hear: that the Home Office has refused their visa application. While our London immigration solicitors have a very high success rate in getting our clients accepted for visas at the first attempt, the refusal of your application or claim can never be entirely ruled out.

In the event that this happens to you, our experts can advise you on your options. These may involve directly appealing against or requesting a review of the Home Office’s immigration or visa decision. In other cases, however, you may be best advised to consider another visa route, or even apply again for the same visa.

All the paths that you might choose to take in relation to a Home Office refusal have their respective implications, and our team will outline these to you to aid you in making the right decision on the way forward. If you do ultimately decide to lodge an appeal against the decision, our access to the best barristers and other partnerships and resources will enable you to be confident of a positive outcome. For further information, please call our team on 0208 215 0053.

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UK Immigration Law FAQ’s

1. Is your London-based immigration law firm regulated by the SRA?

Yes, we are regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA regulates all solicitors in the UK, irrespective of which area of law the given firm practises.

Our details can be verified through the SRA’s digital badge, which can be found on our homepage. In addition to this, our firm’s registration details can be found on the website of the Law Society.

No, as a firm of solicitors, we are not required to be regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). As solicitors, we are legally trained and are tested extensively before qualifying as solicitors.

Furthermore, solicitors are permitted to handle complex matters up to and including the Supreme Court, whereas some OISC-registered advisors are limited in respect of the advice they can offer.

Yes, we are happy to take instructions from any applicant located anywhere in the world. Our client community is global, and we use modern means of communication to handle client matters.

No, absolutely not. It is never possible for even the best-qualified and most capable immigration solicitors to guarantee that a particular application will be met with a successful outcome.

Our own immigration lawyers in central London consider each case they handle on its own merits. You can therefore be assured that when you become a client of ours, we will give you our realistic and honest opinion on the chances of your application succeeding.

It is not technically necessary to use an immigration lawyer in order to make an immigration application; many people complete and submit such applications without external assistance.

However, it is also true that UK immigration law is notoriously difficult to navigate, and a simple mistake in an application can have devastating consequences for the outcome of the application – and as a result, the client’s future in the UK.

You can therefore probably begin to understand why so many clients from around the globe decide to place their trust in our own award-winning UK immigration lawyers, when they wish to ensure the strongest possible likelihood of a successful application.

No, we are a private immigration law firm, which means that you will be liable for your legal fees when you work with us.

We will advise you whether you could be eligible for Legal Aid, and if you are, we will provide you with a list of firms that may be in a position to help you.

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