5 Things to Know About an Immigration Lawyer

5 Things to Know About an Immigration Lawyer

Want to make a long-term career as an immigration lawyer? Keep scrolling to know 5 important things you must know before considering it as a career.

Who can be interested in immigration law?

Do you like to interact with people from different cultures and from various parts of the world? Do you feel excited with a thought of working on human rights? Do you have interest towards criminal, constitutional, civil rights, family, education, entertainment, compliance, business or sports law? Would you like to be a litigate in federal law or transactional lawyer?

If you nodded in yes to any of the above, you will likely be benefited by undertaking immigration law as a career because it will require you to represent the individuals facing immigration issues.

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What’s the role of immigration lawyers?

Immigration lawyers help individuals in navigating often complex and various immigration pathways. You might be required to represent your client in administrative court or may have to counsel clients about their legal obligations and rights as per immigration. You will also be required to suggest the course of action based on your knowledge of immigration law.

For example you might help individuals from other countries to work in the UK by gaining Tier-2 Visa– skilled workers from outside of EEA. Under this program UK employers hire non-UK citizens in professions where their skills are required. As an immigration lawyer you will assist them in filling out forms and performing other required steps. As an Immigration Lawyer London you might also represent your client in dealing with government officials in the matters related to visa application.

How to become an immigration lawyer?

You will be required to complete a bachelor’s degree followed by acquiring a JD (Juris Doctor) degree. A law institution specializing in immigration law can help in bolstering your expertise in this field, though it is not technically essential to practice. Generally clients and employers look for lawyers with rich exposure to this field, practically legal experience through clerkships, clinic, legal internships, externships and pro bono activities etc. In addition you will also be required to posses certain skills like high-level reading-writing capabilities along with the ability to understand & communicate complex concepts & advocate for your client in an adversarial setting.

How much does it pay?

Legal careers usually pay well, though the salaries of individual lawyers vary considerably even in the similar legal speciality like immigration law. Earning potential is highly affected by the type of services you offer, clientele you serve and the location you practice at.

The average Immigration Lawyer salary in UK is £55,000 per year or £28.21 per hour. Entry level positions start at £27,500 per year while most experienced workers make up to £93,500 per year.

Where can one learn more?

There are a lot of online resources to help you learn more about becoming an immigration lawyer. However, it may also be helpful to getting connected with the individuals in same field. For this you may conduct an information session with an immigration lawyer already working or immigration law firm, perhaps with the help of your institution. Interviews with representatives of law institution can also be helpful and it is often easy to get in touch with professors and admission folks.

As you explore immigration law through these and other resources, you may find it offers the right career potential for you.