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Cranbrook Solicitors is law firm authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). We are different from immigration advisors who are accredited by the OISC.

As a London based law firm, our Solicitors undertake a period of academic study at University before completing the Legal Practice Course, a course required to be successfully completed before becoming a Solicitor. Following the legal academic qualifications, a Solicitor will undertake a training period of two years during which he will receive, practical experience in assisting their supervising Solicitor.

Immigration advisors however do not require any legal training and only need to complete an immigration examination to begin offering services to clients who require immigration advice. Effectively, an immigration advisor does not require an undergraduate law degree, does not need to complete the Legal Practice Course and have no significant legal experience.

Immigration advisors
legal representative
Unfortunately, immigration advisors accredited by the OISC cannot provide advice on Criminal Law or Family Law which can sometimes interlink with Immigration Law. Some Immigration advisors accredited by the OISC cannot represent clients in the First Tier Tribunal or the Upper Tribunal. Before choosing your legal representative, it is important you undertake checks to ensure that your advisor is fully capable of handling your case. At Cranbrook Solicitors, we undertake work at all levels, from representations to the Home Office to appeals to the Supreme Court.