About Us

At Cranbrook Legal, we are a dynamic, enthusiastic and progressive law firm who advise on multiple areas of law in order to protect our client’s rights and achieve their goals.

Cranbrook Legal is a legal services provider that specialises in providing high quality advice in all aspects of Immigration Law which includes Immigration Advisor, Asylum, Human Rights, Nationality and Extradition Law. In addition to these services, we are also able to advise our clients in all aspects of Family Law Solicitors and Litigation. As a leading immigration solicitors London, we have an established reputation for delivering exceptional client service.

Cranbrook Legal is based in the heart of legal London and serves a community of clients from across the UK and those with interests in the UK. We are instructed in some of the most complex cases across multiple areas of law and our success drives us to commit to the very best service standards every day. Our specialist immigration lawyers London have been providing bespoke immigration services across UK. We are proud to stand side by side with our clients who comprise of both individuals and businesses.

As leading UK Solicitors and advisors, it is our goal to advise and advocate on behalf of our clients with a professional, dedicated and intelligent devotion to our work. Our team have an impressive background of experience, qualifications and achievements as well as a commitment offering our clients expert legal advice and professional excellence.

We have recently been approved to join London & Partners (the Mayor of London’s official Promotional Agency) to offer immigration services to entrepreneurs from across the world who wish to invest in London. We are proud to join an organisation that is working hard to shape the future of London and secure its status as the top destination for talent across the globe.
Immigration Soliciters In London
Immigration Soliciters In London

Our Core Principles

We take time to listen to what our clients have to say and understand their aims and objectives. This allows for us to respond quickly, openly and provide you with a positive solution. This method underpins our distinctive “Core Principles” – a commitment to our clients. The principles represent the values and work ethic Cranbrook Legal adhere to.

We assure you that we will:

Always understand you

We will respect you and the legal problem that you have and will treat that problem as our own problem, therefore maintaining an interest in it until we have obtained a successful solution. All our Solicitors and Advisors are specialists in their areas of law and therefore you will benefit from expert legal advice.

Give you reasonable pricing and clarity on costs for your case

We generally work on a fixed fee basis for the services we provide but from time to time, we work on an hourly rate basis. We believe the agreed fee basis provides clients with certainty in terms of costs and therefore allows them to budget accordingly.

Give constructive, accurate and relevant advice that will lead you to success

Cranbrook Legal are a small, yet strong and dynamic team of Solicitors and advisors who offer bespoke client services. We take the time to understand your particular circumstances and give you advice tailored to your particular needs.

Communicate with you in a clear and precise manner

Cranbrook Legal will ensure that all your questions are answered clearly and accurately and advise you of any dangers. You will be kept up to date with your matter at agreed points and aim to deliver our work according to your timetable.

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