British Citizenship

Child of EU Citizen Granted British Citizenship

By Amer Zaman

on May 17, 2022

The Context

Our client’s parents were recently granted indefinite leave to remain following their application for settled status in the UK. As EU citizens living and working in the UK, they were required to register and apply under the EU Settlement Scheme.

A few weeks before they received the decision, they were blessed with the birth of their first child. As his parents had not yet obtained Settled Status, our client did not have an automatic right to British citizenship.

How We Assisted

We advised our client’s parents that they would need to provide evidence of both their residency and that of their son during the last five years. This would include proofs of address, employment documents and evidence of our client’s residency in the UK.

We provided his parents with a documents list which outlined the documents needed for the applications, and worked with them to advise where the documents could be obtained from.  After the documents were provided to us, we reviewed the documentation and provided them with feedback on the documents provided.

We completed the online application forms with his parents and ensured all information provided was correct. We then prepared a detailed cover letter explaining the requirements and how the documents demonstrated this.

His parents reviewed the documents and advised of some amendments that needed to be made to the cover letter. We then completed the application process by uploading documents to the Home Office system and arranging an appointment at the visa application centre.

The Outcome

After approximately six weeks, the Home Office notified us that our client’s application for British citizenship was successful. Our client was now free to apply for his first British passport.

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