Sponsor Licence

Dental Practice in Central London Issued with A Sponsor Licence

By Amer Zaman

on August 1, 2022

The Context

Our client, a dental practice in London, was looking to hire a marketing manager for their practice as they were now looking to grow their brand internationally. They required a worker who had experience in international marketing.

How We Assisted

During our initial meeting with the client, he informed us that their successful practice had been doing well and that the agency they were dealing with was not able to help them take their brand global. They had trialled workers based within the UK, but the fact that these workers had either limited or no experience in how to target markets from certain regions, meant their campaigns had not gone well and this was now impacting the practice’s return on investment. They had identified a lady based in the Middle East who had successfully launched and managed several cosmetics brands around the world, and wished to sponsor her.

We ran through the UK Government’s list of eligible occupations and noted that a marketing manager could be sponsored under the Skilled Worker visa route. We advised the client of the documents that would be required in support of the application, and quickly identified the four mandatory documents they could provide. We then advised of other supporting documents that they could provide to help strengthen the application.

The client provided us with the documents, which we advised did not require any amending; this enabled us to move on to the preparation of the application very quickly. Our legal representations set out how the company met the requirements of the Immigration Rules and how the documents included within the application evidenced this.

We liaised with the client to assist them in submitting the application.

The Outcome

The Home Office returned after a period of eight weeks, notifying the client of the decision to grant them a sponsor licence.

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