Innovator Founder Visa

Edtech Entrepreneur Gets Go-ahead for A UK Innovator Visa

By Amer Zaman

on August 21, 2023

The Context

An edtech entrepreneur with an innovative online learning platform approached Cranbrook Legal for help with their Innovator visa application. The platform focused on providing personalised, adaptive learning experiences for students of all ages.

Initially, the client approached Cranbrook Legal with the intention of applying under the Start-up visa category. The client explained that they did not have the £50,000 investment in their own name, and that it would be provided by an uncle who wished to invest in the business idea.

How We Assisted

We advised the client that they could still apply through the Innovator visa route, even if the investment funds were to be provided by a third party. Specific evidence would be required and as long as this was presented to an Endorsing Body, the Endorsing Body would be able to confirm in their endorsement letter that they had seen evidence of the investment funds.

The client was still not sure whether this could work. So, we advised that we would, as part of the initial screening application to the Endorsing Body, make mention of the fact that investment would be provided by a third party.

After just two working days, the Endorsing Body confirmed that they had seen enough to be sure that the product was innovative, and that third-party investment in this case would not be an issue subject to certain documents being provided.

We then prepared the full endorsement application, which outlined the innovation, scalability, and viability factors, in addition to demonstrating that the necessary market research had been conducted. We also provided an outline of the start-up costs, as well as financial projections for the next three years.

Following the submission of the endorsement application, an interview request came through very quickly. We prepared our client for the interview, ensuring that they were confident with every aspect of their business. The Endorsing Body very quickly informed our client that they were happy to endorse his business.

Our team then guided the entrepreneur through the requirements for the visa and prepared a well-structured visa application, showcasing the platform’s potential to revolutionise the UK’s educational landscape.

The Outcome

The Innovator visa was successfully granted, allowing the entrepreneur to establish their edtech start-up in the UK.

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