Sponsor Licence

Finance Company Granted Sponsor Licence in the UK

By Amer Zaman

on March 25, 2022

The Context

Our client, an established finance company in the UK, was looking to hire an employee who required a Skilled Worker visa to work in the UK. Our client had approached another solicitor firm previously; however, their service was slow, and it became apparent to our client that they would not be able to apply within the timeframe set out.

Our client was a company that had been providing invoice financing solutions to a large number of SMEs and assisted them in improving their cashflow. Their growth triggered the need to employ an in-house IT specialist, which they were struggling to find within the UK.

While a candidate had been identified, it become apparent that a sponsor licence would need to be obtained from the Home Office to give them permission to hire this worker.

How We Assisted

We provided our client with clear guidance on the requirements for the sponsor licence and a list of specific documents relating to the client’s business. We also advised our client about the importance of demonstrating strong HR and recruitment and record keeping of the employee’s activities.

We first arranged a discovery call with the client to understand their business so that the documents list we provided them with would be relevant to their application. Our team was then able to quickly identify the documents needed and our client was able to gather the documents and provide them to us for review. The other challenge was that the client wanted to apply on an urgent basis. Our team prioritised the application in order to process the submission on an expedited basis. This required several members of the team to work simultaneously on the case.

We prepared strong and detailed representations which focused on the company, its current position, expansion and why the prospective employee was being sought for employment.

The file was handed over to our client for them to submit the application.

The Outcome

Six weeks after the submission of the application, our client was contacted by the Home Office notifying him that a decision had been made and the sponsor licence was granted to the company. Following the grant of the licence, our client commented how “it was immediately obvious they knew what they were doing”.

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