Self Sponsorship Visa

Healthtech Start-up Founder Approved Under Self-sponsorship Programme

By Amer Zaman

on February 2, 2023

The Context

A healthtech start-up founder with a majority shareholding in the business contacted Cranbrook Legal for assistance in obtaining a sponsor licence, so that he could sponsor himself to come to the UK for work purposes. The company aimed to revolutionise healthcare services through the use of new technology.

The client explained to us that he had begun the process for an endorsement under the Innovator visa category through another lawyer. He mentioned that it had been a long, costly, and painful process, and that he had now been put off the idea of applying under the Innovator route.

He mentioned that his friend had applied under the self-sponsorship programme through Cranbrook Legal and it had been a smooth process for them. He was therefore interested to know whether he could benefit from this himself by applying under the self-sponsorship programme.

How We Assisted

We guided the client through the application process, showcasing their innovative business plan and the need for global talent. We assisted the client and his UK business partner with the company registration process, as well as the process of obtaining the necessary registrations from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the UK’s tax authority.

After a thorough review of the company’s documents in support of the application for a sponsor licence, we suggested further documents, on the basis that these could further strengthen the respective applications.

We helped them complete the online sponsor licence application, and we advised the UK director on how to submit the application. We also advised on how they could improve the chances of being selected for the priority service; this would come at an additional cost, albeit one that would only need to be paid in the event of their application actually being selected for the priority service.

The Outcome

Fortunately, the company’s sponsor licence application was selected for the priority service, and they received a positive outcome within 10 working days.

While the application was under consideration by the Home Office, we advised our client on what documents he should provide for the Skilled Worker visa application. Our client subsequently applied for, and was granted, the Skilled Worker visa.

Our client was now sponsored by the company, and was allowed to come to the UK to begin work in his business.

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