Indefinite Leave To Remain

ILR Given Under Refugee Status For A Syrian National

By Amer Zaman

on April 21, 2022

The Context

Our client found himself alone and struggling to survive in Syria after the conflict erupted in his city; he came to the UK in the hope of finding refuge and a new beginning. He found it difficult to make sense of the requirements that he had to meet and the documents that he needed to support his case. After a recommendation, he came to us in the hope that we would help him successfully prove that he was eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain under the asylum category.

Our client entered the UK without documentation and had a period of stay on temporary admission before he was granted asylum in the UK. Due to this he was concerned that he may not be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

How We Assisted

Initially, it seemed a daunting task to piece together the important documents needed, even more so in the situation our client was in, having lost everything he knew to come to an unfamiliar country and then find himself struggling to understand his next steps. Thankfully, our team was there to handle this case with sensitivity and determination to ensure that our client achieved the result he wanted.

We assisted our client to gather the documentation that he needed to support his case. At the time our client was staying with his friend’s cousin and was concerned that he may not be able to provide any utility bills or tenancy agreement. Our team reassured him that it would not hinder his application if he was staying with someone else. Our team was able to get a letter of confirmation stating that he had permission to stay at that residence and the other relevant documentation showing the address of the person he was staying with.

We also reassured him that we would explain the circumstances in which he entered the UK and why he stayed in the UK without valid leave to remain prior to applying for asylum. Our experienced solicitors prepared detailed legal representations to support the application. Our team ensured that the cover letter conveyed all the reasons why he was unable to stay in Syria and made sure that the caseworker was able to understand the reasons for him leaving his country.

The Outcome

After three months, our client was given indefinite leave to remain in the UK as a refugee. The Home Office considered his circumstances and accepted that his life would still be at risk if he was to return to Syria.

Applying for indefinite leave to remain under the asylum route can be daunting. The asylum process itself can be tiresome and frustrating, during which time you can be faced with so many questions. Providing contradictory information at this stage could jeopardise your application for ILR and therefore it is always sensible to seek legal advice as to what this application process entails. Contact Cranbrook Legal today to discuss how we can assist you.

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