Sponsor Licence

Midlands Care Home Granted Sponsor Licence

By Amer Zaman

on September 3, 2022

The Context

Our client, a care home based in the Midlands, had previously applied for a sponsor licence, but their application had been rejected by the Home Office. They were unsure as to why the Home Office had rejected the application, but now the delay was causing disruption to their business, and they were eager to move forward.

How We Assisted

The client had approached us regarding a letter received from the Home Office informing them of the rejection of their sponsor licence application. We read through the letter and advised the client that they had not provided the Home Office with the mandatory documents as part of the application. The client informed us that they had used an “agent” to help prepare the application, but had not been able to contact him since.

We advised the client that they must provide the Home Office with a minimum of four of the mandatory documents and furthermore, would need to provide evidence of their recruitment practices, as well as evidence of their HR systems to help manage compliance. We discussed the types of documents that they could provide, and provided a complete list that they could work through.

After two reviews of their documentation, we helped complete the application forms as well as our bespoke legal representation covering letter, which outlined why the care home should be granted a sponsor licence.

The Outcome

After a period of six weeks, the Home Office notified our client that their application had been successful. They could not believe that we managed to get a decision so quick, considering that it took the Home Office around seven weeks previously to notify them of their application being rejected.

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