UK Investor Visa

Pakistani National Helped to Obtain UK Investor Visa

By Amer Zaman

on April 19, 2022

The Context

A Pakistani national instructed us to apply for a Tier 1 Investor visa to invest £2 million in the UK. The funds were transferred to him by his parents who were successfully running a family business. The funds were gifted to our client and were transferred to him from various sources.

Our client recently completed his master’s degree in Business Administration from the US and wanted to follow the footsteps of his parents and become a successful businessman. This would be his first investment of this value and he wished to ensure he took the correct advice before doing so.

How We Assisted

We advised him that the most important aspect of the Tier 1 Investor visa is to satisfy the Home Office regarding the source of funds. We advised that the Home Office scrutinises transactions more where the funds are gifted from one individual to another and if the transactions are conducted in different locations and in different currencies.

Our expert Tier 1 Investor visa immigration team advised our client to provide additional documents in order to satisfy the Home Office about the sources of funds and the genuine nature of the gift.

Our detailed legal representations explained the business background of the family and the sources of funds in great detail. We also referred our client to several financial advisors in the UK for advice regarding the investment options available and choosing the best long-term investment option.

The Outcome

After the submission of the online application, our client received a positive result and was granted the Investor visa for an initial period of three years. Our client was impressed with the level of support that he received from our team, especially in supporting him on matters outside of the visa process.

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