Sponsor Licence

Restaurant Succeeds with A Sponsor Licence

By Amer Zaman

on March 9, 2023

The Context

One of London’s oldest and most famous restaurants sought Cranbrook Legal’s help in obtaining a sponsor licence in order to sponsor chefs under the Skilled Worker visa.

From the outset, the client explained that they do not operate a takeaway, nor had any intentions to do so in the future. The client had seen Cranbrook Legal’s founder and managing director, Mr Amer Zaman, on social media explaining the purpose of a sponsor licence and how it could help businesses looking to hire workers from outside the UK. The client wanted advice on this.

How We Assisted

We advised the client on how sponsor licences worked, and advised on what he would need to demonstrate in order for his application to be successful.

The restaurant focused on a continental menu, taking inspiration from France, Scandinavia, and Italy. Our team worked closely with the client to understand the business and its heritage, as that was a key marketing point for the restaurant.

We also advised them on implementing the necessary HR systems to ensure compliance. The applicant had a HR manager who would act as the authorising officer on behalf of the company.

The client was concerned about how we could meet the criteria regarding the genuine vacancy aspect for the sponsor licence application. We advised that as the chef was a crucial part of the business and the client needed to be in the UK in order for the restaurant to run, we would argue that the client’s presence in the UK was essential to the business.

The Outcome

We prepared the sponsor licence application, working closely with the authorising officer. As they were eager to fill the position quickly, they opted to apply for the priority service. We advised the authorising officer on how they could increase their chances of being selected, and fortunately, they were. They received a positive decision after just seven working days.

We then advised their selected worker fully on the requirements for the Skilled Worker visa, which required sponsorship by the company. The client requested assistance with the assigning of the Certificate of Sponsorship, which we were able to do within 24 hours, as the worker was now outside the UK.

Following the submission of the application online, the worker received a positive decision on his Skilled Worker visa application within three weeks.

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