Sponsor Licence

IT Software Company Granted Sponsor Licence

By Amer Zaman

on March 26, 2022

The Context

We were approached by a start-up to apply for a sponsor licence for their company. The company, in order to complete some projects they had taken on, required software developers they had identified from outside the UK.

Our clients had not previously dealt with UK immigration matters and were worried that their inexperience in dealing with immigration would be an issue going forward. They did however recognise that without overseas recruitment, the business would struggle to complete the projects.

How We Assisted

Together with our client, we started with selecting the relevant code from the eligible occupations list for the Skilled Worker visa. Our team then shortlisted the relevant documents from Appendix K and supported the client throughout the documents gathering process.

With our assistance, our client was able to gather the relevant documents quickly and provided them for us to review. While the documents were being reviewed by us, we were able to complete the application form and prepare the legal representations.

Our client was concerned that their compliance systems may not be robust enough to monitor future workers and requested further advice regarding this. We organised a visit to our client’s office so that we could physically have a look at their system. During the visit, we checked through our client’s HR systems and discussed the application with them. We advised them on how the system could be improved to enhance the chances of a successful sponsor licence application.

The application was then amended to reflect the changes and the application was submitted to the Home Office for consideration.

The Outcome

Following a review of around seven weeks, the Home Office notified our client of the decision to approve the sponsor licence application. Our client was relieved to have received a positive decision and could now move to begin the projects. Our client commented on how the Cranbrook Legal team offered an “efficient, professional and highly responsive” service.

Our immigration team is always available to discuss any matter relating to sponsor licences and the recruitment of workers from outside the UK. Contact Cranbrook Legal today to see how we can assist you.


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