Global Talent Visa

Australian National Granted Global Talent Visa

By Amer Zaman

on April 29, 2022

The Context

We were approached by our client who had been working and residing in the UK in the banking sector. He had been involved, globally in the digitising of a number of banking systems in the Middle East and Africa. He felt the ICT visa he was currently on was not aligned with his family and career plans. He saw a future where he would start his own business in the UK rather than employment.

He saw the Global Talent route as an opportunity to remain in the UK in the long term, which would give him more certainty.

How We Assisted

Most applicants under this route are familiar with the rules but find it difficult to pin down which documents would be suitable for this type of application. We arranged a call with our client to understand his background and then provided him with a list of the types of documents that could be given.

We asked the client to not restrict himself in terms of the number of documents he provided to us as evidence. We wanted to take the initial pressure away from the client in terms of selecting the best 10 pieces of evidence that were suitable for his case. Our client provided us with all his evidence that was available to him.

We then reviewed his documents and selected what we thought were the best pieces of evidence. We then asked our client to select what he thought were the best pieces of evidence and compared our lists. This was followed by us selecting a combined set of documents from our lists and preparing the application for endorsement.

The Outcome

Our client received his endorsement decision after four weeks, after which we successfully applied for his Global Talent visa. Our client was extremely happy with the decisions and was now looking forward to continuing his career in the UK and applying for his wife and children to join him the UK.

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