Innovator Founder Visa

UK Innovator Visa for A Green Tech Entrepreneur

By Amer Zaman

on July 12, 2023

The Context

A visionary entrepreneur with an innovative green technology start-up approached Cranbrook Legal for assistance with their Innovator visa application. The start-up focused on developing sustainable energy solutions with a significant potential impact on the UK’s clean energy goals.

The client was worried that they may not be able to get an endorsement, as there were similar ideas on the market already. However, his idea had elements distinguishing it from the products already on the market.

How We Assisted

We advised the client that he could provide us with a summary of his idea, which we would then turn into a pitch deck. We explained that we would then forward this to the Endorsing Body to get their thoughts on whether it was an innovative product. If their feedback was positive, we would then prepare a business plan, which would outline the innovation, scalability, and viability of the product, as well as the standard information which normally goes into a business plan.

The client provided us with all the relevant information for the pitch deck, which we then prepared and submitted to the Endorsing Body. The Endorsing Body returned with some questions regarding the innovation, to which we responded with further information.

The Endorsing Body confirmed that the product was innovative, and that they would be open to receiving a full endorsement application from us.

We then worked with the client to prepare a full business plan, in addition to demonstrating that they could meet other aspects of the requirements for the Innovator visa.

The full endorsement application was prepared and submitted to the Endorsing Body. A short while later, the Endorsing Body requested an interview with our client, during which the business plan was explored in detail and further supplementary questions were asked.

The Endorsing Body requested some further documents linked to the applicant’s previous work, after which, our client was informed that his application for endorsement had been successful.

As we were in constant communication with our client during this process, our client was providing us with documentation which would support his application for an Innovator visa. We then prepared a comprehensive visa application that highlighted the client’s business plan, market research, and potential economic contributions.

The Outcome

The Innovator visa was granted, allowing the entrepreneur to establish their green tech start-up in the UK.

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