A Burmese Rohingya Successfully Applied for Asylum

By Amer Zaman

on May 22, 2022

The Context

Mr A was born in Burma in a Rohingya Muslim family. Rohingya Muslims receive inhumane treatment and are killed by the Burmese Army. Mr A fled from Burma in 1992 when the Burmese authorities and Buddhists were killing Rohingya’s and were burning people’s homes.

When the Burmese military came to the village, Mr A was very young and didn’t understand why their village and people were being burnt and killed.

From Burma, a lot of Rohingya’s travelled several days to reach the Bangladesh border. The Bangladeshi authorities took the Rohingya refugees to the camps. On arrival at the camp, all the people were registered.

Our client lived in the camp for several years before escaping. He lived in Bangladesh hiding from the authorities. He begged on the street and worked in mosques and restaurants for survival. He had to change cities several times in order to hide his identity. He saved up money for years and through an agent, he came to the UK.

He was abandoned by the agent who promised to get him work and a place to live. Our client worked in restaurants to earn some money and attempted several times to legalise himself; however, his applications were refused.

He approached us through another asylum seeker who we successfully represented.

How We Assisted

We advised our client about the asylum process and the higher requirement of the documentary evidence. He spoke very little English, so he requested his friend to assist who had been in the UK for longer than him and was able to speak and understand English and Bangla.

We advised the client on the merits of the claim and prepared him for the interview. Our client only had one piece of evidence, a Rohingya refugee book provided to the families who lived in the refugee camps in Bangladesh.

As our client was very young when the family fled from Burma, Mr A did not remember most of the details about Burma. We prepared our client for the interview and provided limited evidence in support of the claim.

The Home Office refused his case, as they did not believe that he was from Burma only because he could speak fluent Bangla. We appealed the decision and successfully argued in the Tribunal that due to our client’s long stay in Bangladesh at a very young age, he developed his Bangla language which helped him hide his identity from the authorities.

The Outcome

The client appeal was allowed, and he was granted refugee status in the UK.

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