Civil Litigation

When entering into an agreement, there is never the intention for a legal dispute to arise. However when the need arises, you need clear and concise advice.

We specialise in complex disputes that arise between individuals and businesses. If you are thinking about taking legal action against a person or a business, you will require a commercial litigation solicitors who has the requisite experience in handling such matters.

At Cranbrook Legal, we will advise you on the merits of taking your matter through the Courts or whether it will be in your interests to resolve the matter through mediation and thereby avoiding Court. We take a bespoke approach to all our cases and therefore you can be sure that the advice given to you will be in your best interests.
Civil Litigation Solicitors
Civil Litigation Solicitors
Civil Litigation is a broad area encompassing different areas of law and therefore your lawyers experience will be important. At Cranbrook Legal, our lawyers are experienced in handling litigation matters and allows us to employ tactics which we feel will benefit our client and get the desired result. Our fearless and meticulous approach to each case has led to very impressive results for our clients and we believe that this approach is the basis for our success.

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