Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cranbrook Solicitors, Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely important. We believe that our CSR policy defines who we are, not only as a company but also a law firm whose primary focus is protecting the rights of individuals and companies. Our CSR Policies helps us hold firm to high standards in ethical behaviour, environmental sustainability, supporting our work force and supporting the communities we work within.

At Cranbrook Solicitors, all employees and consultants are to adopt the CSR policies into their day to day work activities and the management at Cranbrook Solicitors aim to ensure that CSR policies are considered when making decisions in all business activities.

The CSR policies are centred around the following areas which we believe reflect existing and emerging standards of CSR:


Cranbrook Solicitors commits itself to ensuring the effective maintenance of high standard of integrity in order to maintain distinction and quality in its everyday work. Cranbrook Solicitors had, does and will conduct its work on behalf of its clients in an open and transparent manner. All employees and consultants at Cranbrook Solicitors will ensure strict adherence to workplace health, environment, safety, harassment and discrimination laws.


At Cranbrook Solicitors, we aim to help contribute towards the environment we live in by significantly reducing the amount of paper that is used in the Office. We have invested heavily in Cloud based IT systems which means that we are able to access client files from anywhere rather than storing reams and reams of papers in filing cabinets.


We aim to change the way law firms and lawyers work. We are dedicated to creating a work/life balance which gives our Solicitors greater say in how they way work. They are not tied to their desks clocking up hours till the early hours of the morning. Rather, they are working remotely from outside the Office giving them the opportunity to be there for not only their clients but friends and family too. We believe this fresh approach leaves our Solicitors in a better frame of mind to help their clients achieve their goals.


Cranbrook Solicitors is committed to giving back to the community and each year we take on a number of cases Pro-Bono to help the more vulnerable members of our community. We have seen this field excellent results for some clients who may not have had the opportunity to fight their case

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