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Our immigration solicitors help asylum seekers in the UK to achieve refuge if they would be in danger in their own country.

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UK Asylum & Human Rights

It is possible for those who are fleeing persecution in their home country to apply for asylum in the UK – a process otherwise known as ‘claiming asylum’. A successful asylum claim in the UK would give you the right to stay in the country as a refugee. However, in order to do this, you will need to meet all of the requirements of the asylum process in the UK.

Here at Cranbrook Legal, our UK asylum lawyers in central London are award-winning and highly experienced. We have a great track record of helping clients with claiming asylum in the UK, so that they can reach safety and lead a rewarding new lifewith their dependants.

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How can you help me get Asylum in the UK?

We can project manage your case when you apply for asylum in the UK, helping to ensure you meet all of the Home Office’s requirements, so that youmake a successful claim for asylum at the first attempt.

If you are fleeing danger in your home country and wish to stay in the UK as a refugee, you are likely to appreciate the informed advice and guidance of UK asylum solicitors who have a high success rate in getting their clients accepted for asylum.

As complete specialists in immigration law in the UK, we help our clients to negotiate the ins and outs of current UK asylum policy, so that they can be confident in successfully claiming asylum. This includes helping to prepare our clients for asylum interviews, and putting them in touch with social workers and country workers to obtain the necessary reports.

With our comprehensive and diligent approach, including transparent and precise communication, you can place your trust in our legal professionals when you are seeking to claim asylum.

What is Asylum?

The term ‘asylum’ in the context of asylum applications, refers to safety and sanctuary from danger. The UK, in common with most other countries around the world, offers asylum to people fleeing danger and persecution in their own countries.

Asylum is a right, which is why it is not technically ‘applied for’, but ‘claimed’.

It is important to understand the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee. An asylum seeker is someone who has made an initial claim for refuge, and is waiting for the outcome of this. Once such a person has been granted asylum, they are considered to be a refugee.

The term ‘political asylum’ refers to the type of asylum whereby the asylum seeker is being persecuted for their political beliefs. This could be the case if, for example, the asylum seeker is a human rights activist fleeing a dictatorship.

For advice and assistance relating to political asylum in the UK, or any other form of asylum, please do not hesitate to make an enquiry with our experienced specialists in immigration law or call 0208 215 0053.

Do I have to pay a Home Office fee to claim Asylum?

The Home Office does not charge any fees for claiming asylum in the UK, for those who fear returning to their home country because of a risk of persecution. Nonetheless, even in the absence of a Home Office fee, you might still understandably require some level of financial support as an asylum claimant in the UK.

When you claim asylum in the UK, the Home Office will ask you whether you need accommodation. If you do not have anywhere to stay, or if you have insufficient funds to provide for accommodation of your own, you will firstly be accommodated in what is known as ‘initial accommodation’ (IA). You will then be expected to complete an Asylum Support application form during your time in IA, so that you can be assessed to determine what level of support you require.

Checks will be undertaken to determine whether you have resources of your own. As part of the asylum process in the UK, you will be required to declare your resources that you have in the UK and abroad. The Home Office will then decide whether you should use these resources to fund your own living expenses.

If the Home Office accepts that you qualify for housing and financial support, you will be moved to longer-term accommodation in the same region of the UK. You can usually expect this to happen two to three weeks after your arrival in initial accommodation.

Please note that even if you do qualify for access to housing and money as an asylum claimant, this will only start from the day of your screening. A ‘screening’ is the meeting with an immigration officer at which you will tell them about your case and formally register your asylum claim.

Our UK asylum solicitors will help you to predict and control the costs associated with claiming asylum in the UK, by agreeing a fixed fee for our service at the start of our relationship with you. This will be followed by us holding your hand through the entire asylum process from start to finish.

Am I elegible to claim Asylum?

In order to have the right to apply for asylum in the UK so that you can remain in the UK as a refugee, you must be unable to live safely in any part of your own country, due to fearing persecution there. If you are stateless, "your own country” would be the country in which you normally live.

The persecution that leads you to make an asylum application for the UK must be because of:

  • Your race
  • Your religion
  • Your nationality
  • Your political opinion
  • Anything else that puts you at risk as a consequence of the social, cultural, religious or political situation in your country, such as your gender, gender identity or sexual orientation

To be eligible for UK asylum, you must have failed to get protection from authorities in your own country.

There are some circumstances in which the Home Office may not accept your asylum application for the UK. These include if you:

  • Come from a European Union (EU) member state
  • Travelled through a ‘safe third country’ to reach the UK
  • Have a connection to a safe third country where you could claim asylum

The UK Government generally considers a ‘safe third country’ to be one that:

  • You are not a citizen of
  • You would not face harm in
  • Would not send you on to another country where you would be harmed

If your partner and children under 18 years old are with you in the UK, you can include them in your application as your ‘dependants’. Your partner and your children under 18 are also entitled to submit their own applications at the same time; however, in this case, they would not be treated as your ‘dependants’.

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What documents do I need for an Asylum Claim?

Those claiming asylum in the UK will be expected to provide the following documents, if they have them,for both themselves and their dependants (partner and children under 18 years old) for their asylum screening:

  • Passports and travel documents
  • Police registration certificates
  • Identification documents, such as identity cards, birth and marriage certificates, or school records
  • Anything else they believe will help their application

If you are already in the UK, the Home Office will require you to bring documents that prove your UK address. The exact documents you need to show will depend on whether you are living in accommodation of your own, or staying with another person.

Asylum seekers in the UK who are living in their own accommodation, for example, will need to provide documents showing their full name and address. This could be in the form of a:

  • Bank statement
  • Housing benefit book
  • Council tax notice
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Household bill

Applicants for UK asylum who are staying with someone else, meanwhile, will be expected to provide:

  • A letter less than three months old from the person they are staying with, confirming they have that person’s permission to stay

Documents showing the full name and address of the person they’re staying with, such as a council tax notice, household bill or tenancy agreement

What happens if my Asylum claim is refused?

Here at Cranbrook Legal, our capable and experienced UK asylum lawyers have an excellent success rate in helping clients to successfully apply for asylum.

You can usually expect to wait for up to six months for a decision on your asylum application for the UK. The wait can sometimes be longer than this, however, for more complicated cases, such as when there is a need to verify supporting documents, or for the applicant to attend more interviews.

If the Home Office decides to grant you permission to stay, this may be as a refugee, for humanitarian reasons, or for other reasons.

If, however, the Home Office caseworker assesses your application and decides that you do not qualify for asylum and there is no other reason for you to stay, you will be asked to leave the UK.

In the event of your asylum application being refused, you may be able to lodge an appeal against the decision; our immigration lawyers will be able to advise you on the best course of action. If you do have the option of appealing, you will need to do so in the time allowed.

If you fail to appeal the Home Office’s decision in the permissible time bracket, or if your appeal is unsuccessful, you will need to leave the UK. In this situation, you can:

  • Leave by yourself – in which case, the UK Government can assist you with returning home
  • Be forced to leave. You will be sent a letter before this happens, and you could then be detained without warning at an immigration removal centre, before being removed from the UK

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you negotiate the Home Office’s requirements and asylum law in the UK, so that you make a successful application for asylum? If so, please feel free to arrange a consultation with our UK asylum lawyers or call 0208 215 0053.

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