Immigration Appeals

What is an Immigration Appeal?

If your Immigration application has been refused by the Home Office, you may have been given the opportunity to take the matter to Court, also known as the First-Tier Tribunal.
You have the opportunity to present your case to an Immigration Judge and to convince the Judge (with supporting evidence) that the Home Office were wrong to refuse your application.

What steps do I need to take during an Immigration Appeal?

The first step is to lodge an appeal. Along with the Appeal form, you must inform the Court which Grounds you seek to rely upon for your appeal. These grounds must show why you feel the decision is wrong, but the Grounds are limited in terms why you are appealing.
The Court will then list your appeal for a Hearing, prior to which both you and the Home Office must provide each other and the Court with copies of the evidence you wish to rely upon at the Hearing. At the Hearing, you will be represented by a Barrister who will advocate on your behalf. The Immigration Judge will then consider your case and make a decision within a few weeks.
Immigration Appeals
Immigration Appeal

How can we help?

We have an unrivalled track record when it comes to Immigration appeals to the First Tier Tribunal. We plan and strategise every detail to ensure that when your matter is heard before the Immigration Tribunal, your case stands the best chance of success. We leave nothing to chance and plan for every single detail.

If you would like to discuss your Immigration Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal in more detail, contact us today on 0208 215 0053 for expert advice.

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