Innovator Visa

What is the Innovator Visa

The Innovator Visa is designed for individual(s) who are looking to establish a new business for the first time. The individual will be an experienced business person who The individual will require an Endorsement from a selected Endorsing Body as well as being able to demonstrate that they have the necessary funds to maintain themselves in the UK. The Individual will further need to demonstrate that they have the necessary funds to fund the Business. The individual will need to demonstrate that they have a command of the English Language. Crucially, there is no need to demonstrate funding for the business. The Visa will be valid for two years however, the Visa cannot be extended. The individual can switch to the Innovator Visa subject to meeting the criteria for that visa.

What are the main Requirements for a Innovator Visa?

Each case is decided on its own merits and we would therefore advise for any individual considering this visa route to the UK to book a Consultation with our Solicitors to obtain advice specific to your particular needs.

However, we have briefly outlined the requirements an individual will need to satisfy in order to obtain a visa to enter and subsequently reside in the UK.

The Individual must obtain an Endorsement Letter from an Endorsing Body. The chosen Body will consider whether the Business is Innovative, viable and scalable. The Endorsing Body will act as a Sponsor for the Business and therefore the individual will need to remain in contact with the business.
Innovator Visas Soliciters
Innovator Visas Soliciters
The individual must be able to demonstrate that they have £50,000 to invest in the Business. If there is a team applying, each member of the team must demonstrate that they must have £50,000 to invest in the business.

The individual must demonstrate that they have at least personal savings of £945.00 for a consecutive period of 90 days.

The individual must further demonstrate that they have a good grasp of the English Language.

How can we help?

Innovation is key to your business success and launching your product in the right market is just as important. At Cranbrook Legal, we have assisted a number of businesses in establishing themselves in the UK by understanding their business and presenting their Business Plan to potential Endorsing Bodies for a successful outcome.

If you would like to discuss the Innovator Visa to see how we could help you, contact us today on 0208 215 0053 for expert advice.

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