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    What is a UK Partner Visa Extension?

    As part of your initial Visa to the UK, you will have been granted a 30 month visa to enter and remain in the UK.  Prior to the expiration of this Visa, you should extend your visa for a further 30 months in order that you can continue to live and work lawfully in the United Kingdom.  If you do not extend your Visa in time, the Home Office – UKVI will ask you to leave the United Kingdom.

    You may feel that having already obtained the initial visa, when it comes to the extension application you do not need legal assistance.  This is the wrong attitude to take.

    During our consultations, we note that clients are unaware of the subtle tweaks in the Immigration Rules between the initial application and the extension application.  At Cranbrook Legal we work with you to understand how your circumstances meet those subtle changes which you may not be aware of.  This can save you both time, efforts and money in the long run as well as keeping you on track for Settlement/Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

    Cranbrook Legal has reputation for being understanding, tenacious and flexible in dealing with its clients to ensure the best result possible.

    Requirements & Eligibility for a UK Partner Visa Extension

    To be considered under this Visa category, you must show that:

    • You and your Partner remain in a Genuine and Subsisting relationship
    • You have a valid Visa at the time of the extension application
    • You or your Partner are earning £18,600 per year
    • You speak English at the required level

    What Documents are needed for a UK Partner Visa Extension?

    Below are the type of documents that would be needed for a Partner Extension Visa. This is not a definitive list, as you may be required to provide additional documentation depending on your circumstances. You should therefore look to provide the following:

    • A current passport or other valid travel identification.
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Tenancy Agreement
    • Utility Bills
    • Wage Slips
    • Bank Statement
    • Letter from Employer
    • English Language Certificate

    What Our Customers Say About Us?

    Some Of Our Recent Immigration Success Stories

    Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Obtained For A B2B Company

    Our client, a Company offering Business to Business (B2B) Lead Generations sought to employ a worker from outside the UK and EU.

    We were instructed to advise the Company regarding the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Application and how this would allow the Company to employ workers from outside the UK and Europe.

    We first advised which documentation was required in order to give the Company the best possible chances of success and after reviewing the same, carried out a mock compliance visit in order to prepare the Company for what to expect if and when the Home Office carry out a compliance visit. We prepared the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Application including detailed legal representations addressing the key factors which would persuade the Home Office that the Company is able to fully comply with its duties as a Tier 2 Sponsor.

    The Home Office conducted an unannounced compliance visit at the Company’s headquarters and was satisfied that all of the requirements had been met by the Company.

    The Company was informed that their Tier 2 Sponsor Licence Application had been successful and further, that they had been granted an A rated status.

    Skilled Worker Visa Obtained For A Australian National

    Our Client, an Australian National was a highly skilled Software Developer had been offered a role by a Tier 2 A rated Sponsor who had assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to our Client. Our Client instructed us to prepare and submit a Tier 2 (General) Visa on his behalf.

    We advised our Client of the need to provide the appropriate documentation at the outset which we reviewed and felt comfortable submitting. We advised that providing full documentation at the outset significantly reduced the risk of delay and refusal and therefore we should not submit the application without the same.

    Our legal representations noted that our Client clearly met all of the requirements under the Points Based System and had provided all of the documentation required.

    Sole Representative Visa Obtained For An Indian Business

    Our Client, an Indian National who is a Director and a minority Shareholder in a recruitment business based in India. Our client was key to the development of the Business in India and as part of their growth internationally, they wished to establish a branch in the UK.

    Sole Representative Visas require a substantial amount of documents and it was vital that each and every document is in the correct format as any deviation can lead to a refusal. We worked with our client to understand their business model in order that we could prepare a bespoke Business Plan. The Business Plan is key to the application as it gives the Home Office caseworker an insight into the business and its “genuineness”.

    We also worked closely with the parent company in India in order to advise them of the specific documentation required to satisfy the Immigration Rules as without them, the Application would be unlikely to succeed.

    We felt that with the substantial amount of supporting documents, a strong basis was made for the Home Office to accept that our client’s parent company was establishing a genuine UK Branch and that our client was the right person for the job. A few weeks later, our client was granted the Sole Representative Visa.

    Appeal To The First Tier Tribunal for a South African National

    Our Client, a South African National and an overstayed in the UK had made several applications to remain in the United Kingdom.

    A fresh application was submitted to the Home Office with a full set of documents detailing his long residency in the UK and the ties he has established in the UK. The Application was refused by the Home Office however he was given a right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal.

    We submitted the Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal preparing a comprehensive set of grounds detailing why the Home Office were wrong to refuse the Application. We worked with our client to obtain further documentation to help support his appeal and prepared a comprehensive Bundle in support of his appeal. A request was submitted to the Home Office asking them to reconsider his matter without the need for an appeal hearing. The Home Office refused the request but conceded on two of the refusal points leaving us with one final point to overcome at the Appeal Hearing.

    At the Appeal, through our instructed Barrister, we were able to persuade the First Tier Tribunal that our client has in fact established a Private Life In the UK and had established Article 8 rights in the UK.

    Following the Hearing, the First Tribunal Judge allowed our Client’s appeal and he was subsequently granted leave to remain in the UK.

    Innovator Visa Obtained For An Chinese Businessman

    Our Client, a Chinese National living in Hong Kong had been working on an innovative product, which was not yet available around the world. He felt the UK would be the ideal market to launch his product from. Having listened to his business outline and his past experiences, we felt that the Innovator Visa would be ideal for him.

    We strategized with our client as to the best way to present the idea to the Endorsing Body and prepared a Business Plan which demonstrated his idea was innovative, scalable and viable. Given our relationships with the Endorsing Bodies, we were able to secure an Endorsement within a few weeks. We moved on to the Visa Application stage and within 13 days, our client received permission to enter the UK.

    Innovator Visa For A Indian Businessman

    Our Clients, both Indian Nationals and experienced businessmen were developing a piece of innovative software that they felt was ready to be launched from the UK. They wanted to register a Company in the UK. We advised that in order to be eligible for the Innovator Visa, they must show they have a business idea, which is innovative, viable and scalable. They must demonstrate that they have enough savings and demonstrate good knowledge of English Language.

    Having reviewed our client’s brief, we prepared a Business Plan and submitted an Application to the appropriate Endorsing Body for their consideration. A Business Plan was key to the Endorsement as it helps convey to the Endorsing Body that the business is Innovative, Viable and Scalable. Within 3 weeks, we were able to secure an Endorsement for our client and moved on to the next stage of the Visa process.

    We prepared the Visa application from start to finish and were able to secure the Innovator for both our clients as a Team.

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      UK Partner Extension Visa FAQ’s

      If successful, your Visa will be valid. for 30 months

      Yes, this is a mandatory document

      No, only documents relevant to the current visa you have

      With extension applications, you can now use your own earnings or combined earnings with your Partner to meet this criteria. You can also continue to rely on your Partner.

      The earliest you can apply is 28 days before your visa expires.

      Yes, the current rate is £624 per year of Visa.

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