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What is the UK Self Sponsorship Visa?

If you wish to set up a Business in the UK or if you wish to expand your current overseas business to the UK, you may find that the Self Sponsorship route is the ideal way to work and live in the UK. It is important to note that there is no official visa called the ‘Self Sponsorship Visa’ but rather a route to enter the UK under the Skilled Worker Visa category.

The Self Sponsorship Visa will allow you (with the help of a UK resident Director) set up a UK Company who will then Sponsor you to come and work in the UK. Unlike the Innovator Visa, there is no minimum investment required into the Business and you can hold shares in the Business.

This Visa route is ideal for experiences business people or a person who has explored the UK business space and has found an opportunity to set up a new business here in the UK. You will need to obtain a Sponsor Licence which will then allow the Company to sponsor you.

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UK Self Sponsorship Visa Requirements

You must be able to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Have a UK Company with a UK resident Director
  • The Company must have a Sponsor Licence
  • Your job is listed on the eligible occupation list
  • Your UK job must pay you a minimum salary according to the Job Role
  • Have enough funds to satisfy the maintenance requirement
  • Complete an English Language Test
  • Provide a valid TB Test Certificate

What Documents are needed for a UK Self Sponsorship Visa?

Below are the type of documents that would be needed for a UK Self Sponsorship Visa. The list is not definitive as you may need more documents depending on your job role. You should therefore look to provide the following:

  • Passport
  • Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Letter of Support from UK Company
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Bank Statements
  • English Language Requirement
  • TB Test

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How Cranbrook Legal can help you with your UK Self Sponsorship Visa?

  • We advise you on the legal requirements for the Visa
  • We provide you with a bespoke documents list
  • We liaise with your Company Director to get the right documents from them
  • We work with you to understand your employment history
  • We prepare strong legal representations for your Visa Application
  • We advise on future Extension and Settlement applications
  • You will be advised by a UK qualified Solicitor, fully regulated by the SRA

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UK Self Sponsorship Visa FAQ’s

1. How much does it cost?

There are three stages to this process, which is priced as follows:

Stage 1

Sponsor Licence Application Fee:


Stage 2

CoS Assignment - £199

Immigration Skills Charge: £364 per Year of the Visa

Stage 3

Visa Application Fee: £625

Immigration Health Surcharge: £624 Per Year of the Visa

You will need to show that you have £1,270 in your bank account in order to support the maintenance requirement for your application. You will need to hold this money for at least 28 continuous days and has to be within 31 days of submitting your application.

You can ask your employer to help by certifying your maintenance. Your employer will confirm that they will support you financially for your first few months in the UK if you need their help.

Yes, they can also apply to join you in the UK as your dependents. They will need to apply for a Dependents Visa but they will need to satisfy the requirements for the Visa. Your Partner can include a Spouse, Civil Partner or an Unmarried Partner (Living together for two years). Children must be under the age of 18.

You will need to show that they have access to

  • £285 for your Partner
  • £315 for your child
  • £200 for each other child

No, you cannot undertake any other employment.

This will depend on what Visa you are currently residing in the UK with. You cannot switch into this Visa if you are living in the UK with the following types of Visas:

  • Visit Visa
  • Short-term Student Visa
  • Parent of a Child Visa Seasonal Worker Visa
  • Domestic Worker Visa
  • Discretionary type Visa

Yes, this route leads to Settlement in the UK and British Citizenship

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