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What is a Sole Representative Visa?

The Sole Representative Visa, also known as the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa is for non-UK Nationals who wish to help expand their employers business to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is a popular destination for Businesses given its economy, security and geographical location.

The Sole Representative must be:

  • An Employee (for 12 months or more) of the Parent Company
  • Must have no more than 50% ownership of parent company
  • Must be a senior employee
  • Must have authority to make important decisions

From the very outset, we will provide you with an honest opinion of your case, the risks of making an application and the associated costs. We aim to provide strategic immigration advice relating to the Sole Representative Visa from the very beginning.

We analyse and consider the merits of making an application at this stage and whether there would be a benefit to wait. For e.g. there are instances where the evidence regarding the Parent Company can benefit from time.

We calculate and advise on whether making such an application poses any risks to the business.

Cranbrook Legal has reputation for being understanding, tenacious and flexible in dealing with its clients to ensure the best result possible.

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Sole Representative Visa Requirements

In order to be eligible for a Sole Representative Visa, the requirements, are two-fold:

The Parent Company must:

  • Be trading outside the UK and will continue to have its main place of business outside the UK after the Applicant comes to the UK
  • Intends to open a Branch or wholly owned subsidiary in the UK but also does not have an existing Branch or wholly owned subsidiary in the UK already

The Individual must:

  • Have been recruited outside the UK by the Parent Company
  • Hold a senior position and has the authority to make important decisions
  • Have experience, skills and knowledge
  • Not have more than 50% shareholdings in the Parent Company
  • Support themselves financially
  • Have passed the English Language Test

Documents Needed For a Sole Representative Visa

The Sole Representative Visa is complex in nature and therefore a successful application will require a substantial amount of documents to prove you meet the requirements. Below is a list of documents that you will need (This is not the complete list).

  • Payslips and Employment Contract to confirm your employment
  • Bank Statements to evidence you can support yourself
  • English Language Test Certificate
  • Notarised Statements from Parent Company
  • Parent Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Business Plan

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Sole Representative Visa Extensions

We can obtain an extension of your existing Sole Representative Visa. As part of the Extension:

  • you will extend your Visa for a further period of two years.
  • after the completion of a 5 year period, you may be eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom.
  • this will lead you to British Citizenship

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How can we help you with your Sole Representative Visa?

  • We conduct a thorough review of the Parent Company
  • We strategise with you as to how best to present your application to the Home Office
  • We assist with preparing your Business Plan
  • We assist with preparing the Notarised Statements
  • We prepare and submit your Visa Application
  • We prepare strong and detailed legal representations
  • We can assist you with Extension and Settlement Applications
  • We are UK qualified Solicitors regulated by the SRA

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UK Sole Representative Visa FAQ’s

1. Do I need to invest money into the business to obtain the Visa?

The Sole Representative Visa does not require the individual or the Parent Company to invest into the business for visa purposes. On the other hand, your Business Plan should outline your financial projections and how much you intend to invest to start and maintain your business. You should therefore have enough funds for this.

The Immigration Rules do not require the Parent Company to be profitable however in order to convince the Home Office that the opening of a Branch in the UK is viable, the Business will need to demonstrate that the business can make money.

No, the business can be involved in any type of business as long as it is related to the business being conducted by the Parent Company.

Yes, however at the time of the Application you must be employed by the Parent Company and once the Branch/Wholly Owned Subsidiary is established, you may wish to change your employment to the UK Company.

No, you must remain employed by the Parent Company.

Yes, your Spouse and children can join or accompany you on this Visa. They will need to apply for Dependent Visas.

If the Home Office requires further information about your application, they may invite you to an interview to discuss this.

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