Representative of an Overseas Business Visa Extensions

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What is a Representative of an Overseas Business Visa Extension?

As part of your initial Visa to the UK, you will have been granted a three year visa to enter and remain in the UK.  Prior to the expiration of this Visa, you should extend your visa for a further two years in order that you can continue to live and work lawfully in the United Kingdom.  If you do not extend your Visa in time, the Home Office – UKVI will ask you to leave the United Kingdom.

You may feel that having already obtained the initial visa, when it comes to the extension application you do not need legal assistance.  This is the wrong attitude to take.

During our consultations, we note that clients are unaware of the subtle tweaks in the Immigration Rules between the initial application and the extension application.  At Cranbrook Legal we work with you to understand how your circumstances meet those subtle changes which you may not be aware of.  This can save you both time, efforts and money in the long run as well as keeping you on track for Settlement/Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Cranbrook Legal has reputation for being understanding, tenacious and flexible in dealing with its clients to ensure the best result possible.


To be considered under this Visa category, you must show that:

  • The Parent Company has its headquarters outside the UK;
  • the UK subsidiary/branch is in the same “type” of business activity as the overseas company;
  • the UK Subsidiary/Branch has been set up in the UK lawfully;
  • that the business is trading;
  • you are an employee and provide evidence of employment
  • you can maintain and accommodate yourself and any dependants

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How can we help you with your Extension?

  • We provide you a bespoke documents list relevant to your application
  • We review your Company documents
  • We advise on contents of letters from Parent Company and Accountants
  • We work with you to prepare and submit your Applications
  • We offer Fast Track packages
  • We advise on Settlement Applications

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Representative of an Overseas Business Visa Extension FAQ’s

1. How long will the Extension Visa be for?

The extension Visa is valid for two years. After you have a total of 5 years residency in the UK, you can apply for Settlement.
Yes, the Rules require you to demonstrate that the Parent Company remains active in its home country
This does not affect your application as long as the headquarters of the business remains abroad.
Yes, you and your dependents must apply before your visas expire.
No, you can apply from within the UK to extend your Visa. You must do this before your Visa expires.
No, this will not be required.

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