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What is a Tier 1 UK Investor Visa?

The Tier 1 UK Investor Visa is available tohigh net worth individualsand family members who are seeking residency within the UK. This Visa requires an investment of £2 million into a UK Company. The initial Visa is for 3 years and 4 months, and can be extended upon reaching its expiration for a further 2 years, after which, the investor can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years and British Citizenship after 6 years.

The Tier 1 Investor Visa requires specific documents which, if not provided will lead to a refusal of an Application.  At Cranbrook Legal, we provide our clients with advice to ensure that their application is presented in the correct manner and that all legal requirements are fulfilled.

Cranbrook Legal has access to both UK Banks and Wealth Management companies who assist in providing documents which are required for the Tier 1 Investor Visa application.  Together, you will benefit from a legal team who is able to provide you with a sense of ease during the visa application process.

Cranbrook Legal has reputation for being understanding, tenacious and flexible in dealing with its clients to ensure the best result possible.

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Requirements & Eligibility For A Tier 1 UK Investor Visa

To be considered under this Visa category, you must:

  • Have at least £2 million in investment funds to apply for the visa.
  • Be 18 and over.
  • Be able to prove that the money belongs to either you, your spouse or your partner.
  • Have opened an account at a UK regulated bank to be used for your funds.

Your funds must be:

  • Held in one or more regulated financial institutions.
  • Free to spend and disposable in the UK.
  • Your money can be in the UK or overseas when you apply.

What Documents are needed for a Tier 1 UK Investor Visa?

Below are the type of documents that would be needed for a Tier 1 UK Investor Visa. This is not a definitive list, as you may be required to provide additional documentation depending on your circumstances. You should therefore look to provide the following:

  • A current passport or other valid travel identification.
  • Your TB test results if you are from a country where you have to take the test.
  • A criminal record certificate from any country you have stayed in for a total of 12 months or more over the last 10 years.
  • Evidence showing that you have the required investment funds, including:
  • If the money belongs to your partner, you will need a Statement from them
  • Evidence that you have a UK bank account.

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How can we help you with your Tier 1 UK Investor Visa?

  • We provide you a bespoke documents list relevant to your application
  • We work with a number of accredited Wealth Management Companies
  • We work with you to prepare and submit your Applications
  • We offer a confidential service
  • We offer post landing services
  • We advise on Extension and Settlement Applications
  • We are UK qualified Solicitors regulated by the SRA

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Tier 1 UK Investor Visa FAQ’s

1. Do I have to invest in the UK indefinitely?

No, you only need to invest at least £2 million for the duration you require a visa or until you obtain settlement. There is no fee or cash payment to the government.

Yes. However before obtaining Citizenship, you will be granted a Visa to remain in the UK and after completing 6 residency in the UK, you can apply for British Citizenship.

Yes. If you invest £5 million into the UK, you will obtain Settlement after 3 years and if you invest £10 million, you will obtain Settlement after 2 years.

No, the main applicant can bring their family members such as their spouse or unmarried partner and dependent children under the age of 18 without the family members needing to invest.

Yes, if you have held the £2 million in your name for a period of time greater than 2 years, then you only need to show that you have held it for the two year duration. If you have held your investment funds for less than 2 years, you are still eligible to apply for an investor visa, however, you will need to show the source of your funds.

No, it gives you the freedom to enter and exit the UK as and when you choose to do so. There are no specific requirements of the length of time required to be spent in the UK on an investor visa.

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