The Individual

The Points-Based System

The Points Based System is for those seeking to enter the United Kingdom for employment, to invest, set up in business or study, which in some circumstances could lead to a grant of Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom.

The Points-Based System is comprised of five “Tiers”, depending on the type of application.

The requirements under the Points Based System frequently change and the criteria and documents required vary, but as an Immigration Law Firm based in London, we at Cranbrook Solicitors ensure to stay informed about the current requirements and assist with paperwork necessary for each of the operational Tiers including Investor visa and Tier 1 visa.

Visit Visas

People wishing to visit the UK must apply under the category which applies to their individual circumstances. There are many categories under which an applicant can apply to visit the United Kingdom. The Applicant will ordinarily need to prove (amongst other things) that they are genuinely wishing to visit the United Kingdom for the intended purpose and will return to their home country prior to the expiration of the visa. For any queries, you can get in touch with us. As the leading Visa Solicitors in London, we are here to offer you expert advice.

Family visas

Under the Immigration Rules, visa applications for spouses, civil, unmarried and same sex partners of British citizens or with Settled Status who wish to join them in the UK. Similar provisions are made for children of parents and relatives who are British nationals or who have Settled Status. If you are looking for spouse visa solicitors, get in touch with us.

European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their family members

Nationals of the countries comprising the European Economic Area (citizens of the countries comprising the European Union as well as Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and their family members (whether or not they are themselves EEA nationals) are not subject to the UK’s Immigration Rules. Instead their entry into the UK and their subsequent residence in the UK is subject to European Union law, which is implemented in the UK by the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006.

The Business

The law regarding the employment of foreign workers by businesses in the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly stringent.

Given the international reach of some businesses in the United Kingdom and cost efficiencies of others, businesses look to employ staff from outside of the United Kingdom and the European Union.

It is imperative that businesses who employ staff from outside of the EU do so legally and safeguard against any breaches of the law that could occur when employing from outside of the EU.

At Cranbrook Solicitors, we advise businesses and educational institutions on how to sponsor workers and students from outside of the EU in accordance with UK and EU law.

We can assist your business with the following:
  • Sponsorship licenses for specialist or temporary workers
  • Understanding which activities business visitors to the UK are permitted to do
  • A comprehensive document checking service to support visa applications
  • Applications for extension of stay or settlement
  • Advising on immigration issues to be aware of on setting up business
  • Dealing with migrants after a takeover or merger
  • Assisting with large scale audits in the workplace to combat illegal working
  • Applications for reconsideration of negative decisions
  • Dealing with workplace raids, the associated PR issues and strategies