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If you have been injured in an accident that occurred in the last three years but wasn’t your fault, our personal injury solicitors can help you to make a claim for compensation.

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Getting hurt in an accident through no fault of your own can unsurprisingly leave you aggrieved. You could be interested in finding a legal remedy for this woe, and might even have initiated a Google search for ‘personal injury lawyer near me’ – perhaps leading you to land on this page. Our personal injury lawyers can assist you in suing for compensation.

We are committed to offering the best service to our clients on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so that they achieve the best possible result from seeking personal injury compensation.

A successful claim will enable you to recover this compensation from the party responsible for your injury, with their insurance company usually making this payout. We are not afraid to litigate matters, and we routinely take insurance companies to Court if we feel they are not offering a fair solution. We have an excellent reputation, having achieved amazing results for our clients.

We also ensure the client receives the right treatment for their condition. We want to help restore our clients to their pre-accident condition as quickly as possible. For more details and advice about our service, please call 0208 215 0053.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims

Fairness is one of our ever-present watchwords as we facilitate each client’s personal injury claim. We are determined to ensure that our clients always receive fair compensation for their injuries – and the types of accident and personal injury for which we can help clients to obtain this compensation include road traffic accidents (RTAs), accidents at work, slips, trips and falls.

If someone else was to blame for the harm you suffered, you shouldn’t have to run a financial risk just to pursue compensation. This is why we have no win no fee solicitors.

No win no fee accident claims are personal injury claims where, if you don’t win the case, you aren’t required to pay any legal costs. You might already be familiar with the term and perhaps even Googled ‘no win no fee solicitors near me’.

Upon getting in touch with our London-based law firm, you would be able to sign a no win no fee contract in advance with our lawyers, allowing you to benefit from valuable peace of mind in a financial sense as you further your case with our legal experts by your side. 

Personal Injury Areas

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Medical Negligence Claims

If you have been a victim of medical negligence, we can assist you in receiving compensation for this, too. Medical negligence claims can be an option for people who have picked up an illness, or seen an existing condition worsen, as a result of being let down by medical professionals.

For example, one of these professionals could misdiagnose an existing condition or diagnose it too late or not at all, potentially leading that condition to worsen. Alternatively, an error during surgery could have injured you or exacerbated a pre-existing condition.

Another potential problem is that of you being prescribed the wrong medication or treatment for your particular condition and suffering harm as a result. There’s also the risk of negligent medical treatment leaving you in pain for longer than necessary.

These are all examples of situations where, if they do happen to you, you could have a strong claim for medical negligence compensation. Our medical negligence lawyers can assess your case and provide you with free, impartial guidance, free of jargon and tailored to your specific accident experience, making it easier for you to decide whether to proceed with legal action.

Clinical Negligence Claims 

Online, you might have often seen the term ‘clinical negligence’ used seemingly interchangeably with ‘medical negligence’. Law firms, solicitors and legal publications tend to use these terms to mean basically the same thing; however, it could be said that they actually subtly differ in definition, and there is a good reason why our team at Cranbrook Legal uses both terms.

Traditionally, ‘medical negligence’ was the term most often used. However, it was believed to convey the misleading impression that negligence claims could only be made against doctors and similar professionals.

Hence, the term ‘clinical negligence’ was increasingly adopted to reflect that many other healthcare professionals besides doctors, GPs and comparable professionals can also be liable for negligence. The comprehensive list of healthcare professionals against which clinical negligence claims can be made includes – but is not limited to – nurses, midwives, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and opticians.  

It is important for us to underline that, regardless of the area of healthcare in which a professional works, they can still be sued for negligence that physically or psychologicallyhurts a patient. For more information in relation to this service, please call 0208 215 0053.

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Personal Injury Claims FAQ’s

1. How long will it take for my personal injury claim case to complete?

This will depend on the type of accident and the facts of the case. A typical RTA case, for example, can be settled within six months. However, if you incurred your injury due to a workplace accident, your case could take much longer than this.

Some personal injury claim cases are not resolved for years because of the serious nature of the cases. Example factors that can affect how long a case lasts include:

  • The complexity of the case
  • The type, severity and circumstances of the sufferer’s injuries
  • How long it takes for all of the necessary medical evidence to be gathered

The term ‘no win no fee’ is typically used for a situation where, if someone fails to win a legal case, they won’t be left with any legal bills to pay. This is intended to eliminate the financial risk of making a claim. No win no fee contracts are available in various forms, including:

  • Conditional fee arrangements (CFAs)
  • Contingency fee agreements (CCFAs)
  • Damages-based agreements (DBAs)

Therefore, ‘no win no fee claims’ can basically just be described as legal claims that pose no financial risk to the claimant – as, if they lose the case, they would not have to pay a penny to the legal firm that helped them to fight it.

This will depend on whether the other side accepts liability. Most personal injury claims are settled before there is the chance of a final hearing at Court – and indeed, if your own case is straightforward, it is less likely that the matter will go to Court.

However, a judge may need to hear the case if you and the other party are unable to agree on any of the following aspects of the case:

  • The facts of the accident
  • A legal point
  • The value of your claim

If you have a choice about whether or not you take the claim to Court, we can advise you on the merits of going down this route so that you can make an informed decision.

While this should not matter too much, it may affect your chances of success in a personal injury claim. We may need to refer you to a doctor for further diagnosis.

If you still have symptoms of your injury, it would not be too late for you to book an appointment with your GP, giving you an opportunity to discuss your injury with them. Attending your GP in this context would enable you to have the injury and its causes listed on your medical records.

Even if you no longer have symptoms of this injury, your GP might still be able to detect underlying signs of it – enabling the GP to make a note of these signs on your medical records.

When making a personal injury claim, you need to prove not only that the injury occurred but also that the defendant was liable for it – and witnesses’ testimonies can be crucial to this.

It remains possible to make a personal injury claim without having any witnesses, but your claim will be assessed against any other information that is available to the court. How big a handicap this proves to be could depend very much on the specifics of the case. 

For example, if your injury resulted from employer negligence or a doctor’s error, you should easily be able to show their liability for what happened to you, as their duty of care to you would usually be clearly enshrined in law. 

With most personal injuries where you can make a claim for compensation, the time limit for you to take the matter to Court is three years. This three-year period starts from one of the following:

  • The date you picked up the injury
  • When you originally noticed your condition
  • When your condition was first diagnosed

Typically, during the three years, you will be able to negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company; however, whether the three-year limit will applyfor your specific case will depend on what type of accident you suffered. If you are unsure what stage your case has reached, please contact us to discuss further.

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