Online Consultation

At Cranbrook Solicitors, we understand it is not always possible to attend in person to obtain legal advice. For this reason, we have recently introduced a new feature whereby you can obtain advice from Cranbrook Solicitors through an online consultation.

If you would like to speak to our Solicitor regarding an application for leave to remain, an Asylum claim or a decision which has been refused, we can offer you a one-off online consultation over Skype or Whatsapp (Video calling Service) in which you can obtain legal advice directly.

Cranbrook Solicitors does its very best to meet individual needs. If you would like immediate, on the spot advice, then our online consultations is ideal for you. Our Solicitor will be able to discuss your case in detail and advise you of all the options available to you.

The online consultation is ideal for you if you are looking to submit an application to the Home Office or looking to appeal to the Immigration Tribunal, but before doing so you have some questions.
We charge a one-off £40.00 + VAT fee for a 25 minute consultation during which we will listen to your legal issue in detail and advise you accordingly. The online consultation is strictly advice only and there are no hidden charges.

Alternatively, if you wish to attend our offices for a consultation, there is a one-off charge of £75.00 + VAT.

Same day online consultations may be available subject to the availability of your Solicitor.

Prior to the consultation, you will be required to sign a document agreeing to the terms and conditions of the consultation. You will also be required to make payment prior to the Online Consultation. Once payment is received, the provisional appointment time will be confirmed.

During the online consultation, your Solicitor will take note of your current circumstances and understand your legal issue. Your Solicitor will then advise you on the law and the options available to you and what documents you will need to submit to support your application or appeal.

At the end of the online consultation, you will be advised on how Cranbrook Solicitors can help you in the future with an application or an appeal.

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