UK Investor Visa

Guiding A Chinese National to Secure an Investor Visa

By Amer Zaman

on April 18, 2022

The Context

Our client, a Chinese national, had recently received a gift of £3 million from her uncle.

She wished to invest the funds and relocate to the UK with her family. By profession, our client was a Financial Investment Advisor, and this meant she had already planned how and where to invest her funds.

In her recent role, her duties were to provide her clients with specialist advice on how to manage their investment portfolios, researching the marketplace and recommending the most suitable products and services to invest in, and ensuring clients were aware of the developments in the market and had all the information for evaluating their investment options.

When researching about applying for the Investor visa, our client visited our website, which cleared up most of her questions about the requirements. She contacted us as she required assistance in applying for the visa.

Our client also wished to have her children enrolled into a UK school before the start of the next school year. Therefore, she had a short period of time to apply for the visa and relocate to the UK in order to make the application in time for school admissions.

How We Assisted

Our team of expert immigration solicitors assisted our client to demonstrate that she had held the funds for the required time period by relying upon investment funds held in a combination of different foreign currency savings accounts, current accounts and investment accounts.

Our client also had some concerns about tax implications and required advice on this. We were able to introduce her to a firm of accountants who were able to advise her on where she was vulnerable to paying a high level of taxes. We were able to work closely with them to ensure our client understood these implications and what steps she would need to take and when.

Our team prepared a cover letter, collated all supporting documents, and submitted the online application. We also advised our client about applying under the super priority service to obtain a decision on her application quicker.

The Outcome

Our client opted to apply for the super priority service and was granted her visa the next working day. Our client and our relocation team are now working together to help ease her settlement into the UK.

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