UK Investor Visa

Russian Businessman granted Investor Visa for the UK

By Amer Zaman

on May 26, 2022

The Context

Our Client, a Russian national was granted entry to the UK as an Investor. The client was referred to us by a Wealth Management Company who we have previously worked with. We arranged an initial consultation with the Client at Office in central London in order to understand exactly what our Client was looking for, not only in the short term but the long term.

He explained that he has lived in various countries around the world but it was the UK’s stability in terms of its economy, society and educational institutions which was attracting him here. Having lived internationally, he was now looking to settle down with his young family and establish themselves in the UK.

How We Assisted

We advised our Client of the requirements for the UK Investor Visa, which was comfortable with and felt, on face value that he could meet. After the Client provided the Documents, we conducted a review and noted that the Applicant’s Bank had a limit placed on the funds that he could transfer from that Bank Account to an Account in the UK. We explained this was a crucial requirement and if not addressed, could lead to a refusal.

Fortunately, the Applicant had access to the required funds through another Bank Account which had no restrictions in terms of transferring funds to the UK.

Once the paperwork was reviewed and we were able to promptly complete his visa applications forms and agree a date for submission.

The Outcome

Following a brief wait of 8 days, the Applicant and his family were granted Entry Clearance to enter the United Kingdom. The Applicant was ecstatic with the result and was complimentary of our services.

Our Client now sought assistance regarding relocation and schools in the UK. Through our network, we were able to provide him with instant advice so that he could get the call rolling and begin the process to move to the United Kingdom.

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