Entrepreneur Visa

Egyptian National Granted Extension of His Entrepreneur Visa

By Amer Zaman

on May 10, 2022

The Context

We were approached by our client who required assistance with applying for the extension of his Entrepreneur visa. For his initial entry clearance application, he was able to prepare and submit the application himself. In this instance, however, he required help as he had not invested the full £200,000 into his business and he was unsure as to how this could be tackled in the application.

He felt that he was able to meet the remaining points of the Immigration Rules but did not want to take the chance with the investment amount, as that was a crucial part of the application

How We Assisted

We advised our client that in some instances, the Home Office are willing to consider applications in which the full £200,000 has not been invested by the applicant in the business.  We advised our client that this only can happen in very specific circumstances and therefore needed to analyse his company accounts and whether he still had access to the full amount for the investment.

Applying the guidance, we were able to rely on specific sections that would allow our client to extend his Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa in the UK. Our client was happy with the strategy, and we began to prepare his application for submission. When the client provided us with his documentation, we noted that some documents were contradictory in nature, and this could lead to a negative decision from the Home Office. Our immigration team advised our client of further evidence he could provide to explain the contradiction.

On final review, our team felt we had sufficient documents in place to submit an application that we felt would be successful

The Outcome

Following the submission of the application, our client was contacted by the Home Office caseworker, and asked to provide further evidence in support of the application. We advised our client of what further evidence could be supplied to the Home Office to respond to their queries. We prepared additional legal representations to explain the relevance of the documents.

After five days, we received notification from the Home Office advising that our client had been granted his extension.

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