Entrepreneur Visa

South African Client Secured Visa Extension

By Amer Zaman

on May 8, 2022

The Context

Our client and her family were residing in the UK under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Our client missed the deadline for her to extend her visa, but nonetheless submitted an application around three weeks after her visa had expired. After four months, the Home Office had written to her to ask for evidence in support of the application as the evidence provided was not enough.

Our client contacted us having spoken to a number of other immigration advisors since receiving the correspondence from the Home Office.  She mentioned that all the advisors she had spoken to had advised that she was unlikely to be successful with her application. She was unsure now if she should proceed with the application.

How We Assisted

After speaking with our client, we felt that the best approach would be to respond to the Home Office by preparing a full application with complete legal representations and evidence to support their claims, even if not requested by the Home Office.

We then went through our client’s documents and the current guidance released by the Home Office regarding the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa extensions. This was key as the Home Office had introduced concessions in light of the pandemic to help applicants in their extension applications.

We advised our client that she could rely on these concessions; however, she would need to provide additional documents. We advised her on all the documents that would be needed for the application; however, time was of the essence as the Home Office had only provided her with 14 days to submit her evidence. We considered an extension request, but our client was eager to submit as soon as possible.

We were able to prioritise our client’s application and work with her. Given the short time frame, we asked the client to provide all the documents together so that we could then advise her on what further documents she could provide.

After a review of her documents, we prepared a legal representation which outlined how our client met the Immigration Rules and how she could rely on the concessions outlined in the guidance issued by the Home Office.

The Outcome

After a wait of 10 days, the Home Office notified our client that her application for the extension had been granted. The client and her family were ecstatic with the result especially as she had been told that her application would not succeed.

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