Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur Visa Extension for Nigerian Client

By Amer Zaman

on August 15, 2022

The Context

Our client had established an African restaurant in the UK. She had been residing in the UK with her family for three years and wished to extend her visa for a further two years. Over the years, our client had invested her £200,000 into the business through a director’s loan which required a specific set of documents to be provided as part of the application.

Through our initial conversation, it became clear that while she had access to £200,000, she did not transfer the full amount into the business account, but rather used her personal account interchangeably with the business account.

How We Assisted

We needed to ensure our client had not inadvertently made mistakes in the previous three years of her business. So, we decided the best approach would be to provide her with a documents list so that she could provide all the documents for us to review, and we could advise her accordingly. It was important to have access to all her documents so that we could cross-reference the documents to ensure there were no contradictions.

Thankfully, the only issue related to the investment funds. We thoroughly reviewed both her personal and business bank statements to identify transactions which related to the business. We were able to show that together with the funds in the business account and expenses paid through her personal account, we could demonstrate that £200,000 had been invested. We demonstrated that the investment funds were made up of a director’s loan and a cash investment.

Our legal representations helpfully set out how the investment funds were used over the three years. We were able to prepare and submit her application for the extension of stay.

The Outcome

After a wait of approximately three weeks, we were notified by the Home Office that our client and her family members had been granted an extension to their Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa for a further two years.

Our client commented on how much attention we paid to detail, which she felt was the difference in obtaining a positive decision

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