Entrepreneur Visa

Indian National Granted Extension to His Entrepreneur Visa

By Amer Zaman

on May 12, 2022

The Context

Our client had entered the UK on a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and had established his business here. The business was involved in the IT sector and in its third year, had become well established. Our client had, over the three years, been keeping an eye on the requirements for the extension and had been preparing the documents over time.

He had, however, forgotten to maintain his personal bank account in order to satisfy the maintenance requirement. The issue was that the maintenance requirements state the account balance should be maintained for three months, but his visa was due to expire in 30 days.

How We Assisted

The issue initially seemed complex; however, on discussing the matter with our client, we were able to provide a positive solution to the problem. Our client thought that he could only rely on one bank account for the three-month period, but this was a misconception. We advised him that we could rely on any bank account in any country as long as he was listed as the account holder, and this included joint accounts.

We requested from our client all bank statements from all bank accounts that he was listed on, including with his wife and children. We were able to demonstrate that from a range of accounts, the balance never fell below the required amount for the three-month period.

We prepared the application in full, with the legal representations outlining in full the balances across his bank statements. It was important to outline in detail and refer to the specific business bank statement that proved this.

The Outcome

The Home Office, after considering the application for four days, notified us that our client’s application for leave to remain had been successful. This brought much relief to our client as he could now plan to bring his family to the UK.

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