Immigration Appeals

Appeal Allowed Following Refusal of Asylum Claim

By Amer Zaman

on May 5, 2022

The Context

Our client reached out to us with a refusal of his asylum claim in the UK.

Our client had applied for asylum on the basis of his sexual preferences which are outlawed in his home country. He feared that if he returned to his home country, he would be persecuted and even killed as he had received threats from his family and people in his community.

The application was refused by the Home Office and our client was granted a right to appeal the decision.

How We Assisted

Our client had received a lengthy refusal letter from the Home Office regarding his asylum claim. We explained to our client that the Home Office had noted a number of discrepancies between the answers he gave during the interview and furthermore, the documents provided could not be verified, so they could not accept the documents as having any value.

After a thorough review, we noted that the Home Office’s reasons for refusal had in fact taken his answers out of context and furthermore, the Home Office had selected parts of an answer to show a discrepancy. We advised the client that there were merits to an appeal.

After the appeal was submitted, we worked with our client to verify the documents he provided and obtained evidence of the verification. Following the Tribunal’s direction, we compiled a comprehensive bundle which dealt with each and every refusal point raised by the Home Office with evidence.

We arranged a conference with the barrister who we had selected to represent our client at the Tribunal. The barrister was able to have a detailed discussion with the client and familiarise himself with the evidence and the case well before the hearing. The barrister helpfully suggested some further information we should look to provide as evidence. Our client was quickly able to obtain the documents and we prepared a supplementary bundle to the Tribunal.

The Outcome

The appeal was considered by the First-tier Tribunal and after strong submissions provided by the barrister representing our client, the immigration judge accepted our client’s appeal.


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