British Citizenship

How We Helped a Work Permit Holder to Secure Citizenship

By Amer Zaman

on May 14, 2022

The Context

Our client had been residing in the UK for over six years and sought British citizenship.

He had entered the UK as a Tier 2 (General) work permit holder six years ago. He was sponsored for the full five-year period by his employer. During the employment, his workplace was visited by the Home Office to ensure his sponsor was complying with its duties as a licenced sponsor. There were no issues during this visit, and he was allowed to continue employment.

Over 12 months ago, he applied for indefinite leave to remain and held this for more than 12 months. He now wished to apply for citizenship.

How We Assisted

Our expert team reviewed his circumstances, and we were able to advise him regarding his circumstances, especially when it came to absences. This was a concern as he was required to travel abroad for work reasons, and this brought him close to the absence threshold. We advised that he should try to obtain a letter from his employer to confirm the absences.

We then advised him regarding the documentation needed and the criteria for a referee to support the application. We noted that there were some key documents missing and advised the client to provide them to us so that we could advise on them. The application form was completed with our client, so that he could submit the application and attend his biometric appointment to complete the process.

The Outcome

The Home Office returned with some enquiries regarding the application, in particular regarding his salary during the five-year period. It was an unusual query as he had satisfied all the requirements during his application for indefinite leave to remain. Nonetheless, we advised our client as to what was needed and helped compile a response.

After a total period of 10 weeks, the client was granted British citizenship.

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