Sole Representative Visa Extension

Indian Client Successful With His Sole Representative Visa Extension Application

By Amer Zaman

on May 20, 2022

The Context

Our client, an Indian national, was due to apply for an extension of his Sole Representative visa.  He was concerned about the performance of the business as the company had been severely impacted by COVID-19, which meant that for large parts of years two and three, his business did not trade much.

How We Assisted

During our initial consultation with the client, he made it clear that the financial aspect of the application was his primary concern. We pieced together the turnover from year one and compared that with turnover from years two and three. It was clear that COVID-19 had impacted the business severely and the decrease in turnover could be correlated with the lockdowns in the UK. We advised that the Home Office had announced that if a person or business had been directly affected by COVID-19, this would not impact their immigration Status.

We advised our client that the parent company was required to provide specific evidence in line with the Immigration Rules. We outlined each of the documents that would be required, along with suggestions if a certain document was not available.

As the documents required by the UK company were complex in nature, he asked for us to liaise with his accountants in order to obtain the relevant documents from them. We arranged a quick call with his accountants to explain what was needed, and sent a follow-up email with additional notes.

After receiving and reviewing the documents, we completed the online visa application form along with our legal representations.

The Outcome

Our client was notified of the decision after a short wait. He was very happy with the outcome after being told hisvisa had been extended for a further two years.

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