Sole Representative Visa Extension

Qatari National Has His Sole Representative Visa Extension Approved

By Amer Zaman

on June 3, 2022

The Context

Our client had been residing in the UK for over two years and was approaching the end of his visa. His concern was that after he entered the UK, his circumstances had changed slightly as the business in the home country had changed its business activity.

How We Assisted

During our initial meeting with the client, we advised him of the requirements for both the parent company and the UK company. His main concern centred around the change in business activity which had recently come about. He was advised that if the business activity for the parent company had changed, it would be best to outline this to the Home Office in the form of a new business plan and to inform them how the business activity for the UK company would change in line with the parent company.

We talked through the transition from the old business activity to the new one and we advised on the documents that we could submit to help strengthen the application. The client understood and was able to provide us with his documents to review.

Our client returned with all the relevant evidence, after which we prepared the online visa application form and our legal representations.

The Outcome

The Home Office returned after a period of seven weeks, notifying us of the decision to grant an extension of our client’sSole Representative visa.

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