LGBTQ Woman from Lebanon Granted Asylum

By Amer Zaman

on May 21, 2022

The Context

Our client previously entered the UK as a Visitor, but was unable to obtain a further visa and overstayed in the UK. However, she had tried her best to regularise her status in the UK.

Our client instructed us that she was in a secret homosexual relationship in Lebanon for three years; however, when her partner’s family found out about the relationship, her partner disappeared. A short time after, our client started receiving calls from an anonymous number threatening her.

Until that point, she kept her feelings hidden from her family; however, when she received the threats, she decided to ask for help from her family. However, her family did not support her and told her to leave the house and never come back. Young, single and homeless, our client was scared for her life because she did not have a home and family for support to rely upon.

Through a local visa agent, she was able to secure her entry to the UK.

Following a number of attempts to apply for a visa to remain in the UK, our client was unsuccessful.

How We Assisted

When we were approached by our client, she explained that she was destitute and was struggling to find accommodation. We contacted a charity organisation who could provide support to vulnerable people from the LGBTQ community. They were very helpful and provided accommodation, food and clothing to our client.

She did not have any documentation to evidence her claim, but our experienced team was able to find a news article in a local Lebanese newspaper in which they announced that they had disowned her due to her sexuality. In addition, we provided the Home Office with country guidance and various other reports in relation to the hardships the LGBTQ community faces in Lebanon.

We advised our client about the strengths and weakness of her case and in particular, where she would be required to provide documentary evidence in support of her claim. We worked with her to advise on how she could obtain the evidence to help support her claim.

During her interview, our client was able to rely on her evidence to prove her claim.

The Outcome

The Home Office was satisfied with the oral and documentary evidence, and granted our client asylum after a short period of three weeks. Our client was delighted to be able to finally start her life afresh without fear of being sent back to Lebanon.

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