Sole Representative Visa Extension

Chinese National Granted an Extension to her Sole Representative Visa

By Amer Zaman

on July 22, 2022

The Context

Our client, a Chinese national from Hong Kong, had been living in the UK for just under three years and her Sole Representative visa was coming to an end after 10 days.

How we assisted

We were approached by our client after she realised that her visa was coming to an end shortly.  Her business had really flourished in the last six months and she had no paid any attention to the fact her visa was about to expire until she was asked to produce it when applying for a driving licence.

We arranged a priority appointment with her at our offices and arranged a Zoom call so that her directors in Hong Kong could also be involved.  We felt this would help quicken the application process. We discussed the current circumstances relating to both the parent company and the UK entity.

We advised the directors that once they provided the documents, we would review their documents on an urgent basis, which would then allow us to complete her online visa application form as well as our legal representations. We advised her that we would also arrange her biometric appointment at a visa application centre, in addition to uploading her supporting documents to the Home Office portal.

Our client was now at ease as we were able to put into place an action plan in order to get the application submitted in time.

The Outcome

After a short period of just 11 days, we were informed by the Home Office that our client’s application for a Sole Representative visa extension had been granted.

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