Skilled Worker Visa

Successful Skilled Worker Visa For Indian National

By Amer Zaman

on March 29, 2022

The Context

Our client was referred to us by their employer, who we had previously successfully helped to apply for a sponsor licence.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our client was made redundant by their previous employer and received a curtailment letter from the Home Office advising them that they had 60 days to submit an application for further leave to remain. The client was able to find a new job and after a thorough recruitment process, she was offered a job.

When approaching us, she had one week remaining before the 60 days’ notice expired and therefore required urgent assistance with the preparation and submission of her Skilled Worker application.

The client was anxious as the pandemic situation was worsening day by day in India and she was hoping to apply from within the UK.

How We Assisted

 We advised the client on the eligibility requirements of the Skilled Worker visa and provided a documents list for the client to gather the relevant documents.

The client was quick to provide us all the documents, which our immigration team reviewed and provided feedback on almost immediately. A concern was that our client’s employer required an increase in their CoS allocations. We advised them on how to increase their CoS allocation but more importantly, on how we could try to expedite the request.

We were able to liaise with the Business Helpdesk team at the Home Office and received the CoS within two working days. During this time, our team drafted the online application form and was ready to submit the application.

Once the CoS came through and the sponsor assigned the CoS to our client, we submitted the online application and uploaded all the relevant documents on the UKVCAS online portal.

Our team was also able to book her biometric appointment within one week.

The Outcome

After completing the biometric process, our client received the decision within three weeks and is now working for her sponsor. The client commented on how we were able to bring calm to her situation and that she would be happy to recommend us to her friends and family when it comes to immigration matters in the UK.

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