Sponsor Licence

Executive Recruitment Agency Obtains Sponsor Licence

By Amer Zaman

on March 27, 2022

The Context

We were instructed by a recruitment agency firm which was looking to employ a recruiter with experience in a niche field.

Our client had difficulty finding someone who had the relevant skills, experience and understanding of the niche market. They advertised the role and were able to identify a candidate from the Middle East who was previously in the UK and had several years of experience of working in the UK; furthermore, they understood the Middle Eastern market.

The candidate identified was residing in the UK as a student. Her visa was expiring soon, and our client wished to have the sponsor licence obtained as soon as possible to avoid the candidate returning to their home country.

How We Assisted

The client was not too sure how they could provide us with the documentation required for the sponsor licence application. We suggested that we initially speak with their accountant who could possibly provide the documents needed. Helpfully, the accountant was able to provide the required documents very quickly and together, we worked through the list to ensure all documents were provided.

Our client’s documents were thoroughly reviewed by our experienced lawyers, and we noted that some key documents were still required. We advised our client that we should look to provide as many documents as possible so that we could present a strong application to the Home Office that left little space for them to request further information/documents.

After a final review of the documents, we prepared and submitted the online application and provided all necessary documents to the Home Office.

The Outcome

Following a consideration process of six weeks, the Home Office notified our client that the application for the sponsor licence was successful. Our client was now eager to finalise her employment and requested our assistance with the assignment and allocation of the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

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