Spouse Visa Extension

Filipino National Successful with Her Spouse Visa Extension Application

By Amer Zaman

on August 9, 2022

The Context

Our client, a Filipino national, was due to apply for an extension of her spouse visa. She was concerned about the financial requirement, as her husband was a director in a number of companies. He was earning enough money to cover the £18,600; however, this amount was earned across the various companies for which he was a director.

How We Assisted

During our initial consultation with the client, she made it clear that the financial requirement was her sole concern. We pieced together all the companies that her spouse was a director of, and then compiled a list of his income from each company over the last two years.

We advised our client that directors of companies were required to provide specific evidence in line with the Immigration Rules. We outlined each of the documents that would be required by her husband, along with suggestions if a certain document was not available.

As the documents were complex in nature, she asked us to liaise with her husband’s accountants in order to obtain the relevant documents from them. We arranged a quick call to explain what was needed, with a follow-up email containing additional notes.

After receiving the documents from the accountant, we asked our client for evidence to satisfy the relationship and English language requirements. After receiving and reviewing the documents, we completed the online visa application form, along with our legal representations.

The Outcome

Our client was notified of the decision after a short wait. She was very happy with the outcome, having been told that her visa had been extended for a further 30 months.

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