Sponsor Licence

UK Care Home Granted Sponsor Licence

By Amer Zaman

on August 9, 2022

The Context

We were instructed by a care home providing private and domiciliary care services in the Midlands area.

Due to COVID-19 and Brexit, the UK is facing a shortage of care home staff, especially nurses and care workers. Our client informed us that they had been struggling to recruit staff for some time and that they had no choice but to look outside the UK to fill their vacancies.

How We Assisted

During our discovery call with them, we identified the SOC codes from the list of eligible occupations and codes for the Skilled Worker visa and advised that the role they looked to fill was on the shortage occupations list. We advised that this could help their application when it came to demonstrating why they needed to hire from outside the UK.

We advised them of the documents needed for a successful application which we were able to review, and we then started preparing the application form. We identified issues of concern.

As the company was a start-up, it was considered a “high risk” organisation and we anticipated a visit by the Home Office prior to them issuing the licence. We arranged a visit to the client’s site so that we could undertake a compliance visit. We advised the client about some amendments to their existing policies and procedures which our client implemented immediately. As expected, the Home Office visited our client; however, after our preparation work, our client confidently presented their case to the Home Office and was able to satisfy the interviewing officer.

The Outcome

Three weeks after the interview, our client received the decision from the Home Office notifying that the licence had been granted. The client was overjoyed by the result as they were now able to move the business forward.

We then assisted our client in applying for the Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) for the chosen candidates, which were also granted within 24 hours. The candidates successfully applied for the Skilled Worker visa and are currently waiting to travel to the UK.

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