Spouse Visa Extension

American Lady Successfully Extends Spouse Visa

By Amer Zaman

on August 3, 2022

The Context

We were instructed by an American national who had been living in the UK for around two years and wished to extend her spouse visa, which was due to expire in six months.

She was aware that she had some time to go before she could extend the visa, but wanted to get ahead of the process by understanding what documents were needed for the extension application.

How We Assisted

During our initial consultation, we discussed with our client how the relationship had progressed since her arrival in the United Kingdom, and her financial circumstances. We advised her that for the relationship requirement, she would need to demonstrate that since her arrival in the UK, she had remained in a genuine and subsisting relationship with her husband and that she could still be maintained financially during the next period of her visa.  We advised that as she was a US citizen, she did not need to evidence her knowledge of the English language.

She advised that during this visa period, she and her husband were happily married and had purchased a house together in London. She mentioned that they had taken numerous trips to Europe together and she had more recently been told that she was pregnant. Her spouse was still employed and earning more than £18,600.

We advised her what documents would be needed to support the application and how we would process her application. We further advised that the earliest she could submit her application without impacting a future ILR application was 28 days.

The Outcome

Our client chose to submit her application under the priority service. We were able to submit her application and organise an appointment at the visa application centre within 10 days. After her appointment, she was granted her visa within 24 hours.

Our client was extremely happy with the outcome and commented on how professional and efficient we were through the whole process.

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