Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visa For An Indian National

By Amer Zaman

on April 26, 2022

The Context

We were contacted by our client who was working with a technological company in India. He had previously worked with a UK-based company, too; however, they lost their sponsor licence and were not able to continue his residency in the UK. He no longer wanted to be in sponsored employment because of his previous experience, and was looking for an alternative option. He had considered the Start-up visa, but did not have an idea which was innovative, scalable or viable.

How We Assisted

When our client approached us, we asked for him to provide us with his CV so that we could assess his background against Tech Nation’s criteria for an Endorsement.

We advised our client that working in a product-led technology company was not enough to meet the criteria. He would need to consider the requirements to establish he is ‘exceptionally talented’, with reference letters from leading figures in his industry. We then discussed with our client which of the qualifying criteria he sought to rely on for the Endorsement. Upon review, we were able to narrow down which of the criteria he wanted to rely on, as those requirements could be met with the required documentation.

While collating the documents, we asked the client to also begin working on his Personal Statement, as this would be a key document of the Endorsement application. The client was able to provide us with the documentation, which we cross-referenced with the requirements of Tech Nation. We asked the client to provide further documents so that we could consider the best evidence to provide to Tech Nation for Endorsement. After providing this, we worked with our client to review the documents so we could narrow the documents down to the 10 needed.

We then prepared the Endorsement application and received a positive decision after four weeks. This was followed by preparing the visa application, which we prepared reasonably quickly as the client had the documents ready.

The Outcome

After two weeks, the Home Office notified our client that his application for the Global Talent visa was successful.

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