Global Talent Visa

Successful Endoresment For An Indian National

By Amer Zaman

on April 30, 2022

The Context

Our client approached us having been referred by a friend who we had recently helped to secure an Innovator visa. He wished to migrate to the UK as he felt that with his industry experience, this would be the best possible place from which to launch a start-up. He had seen that London was home to a number of successful start-ups and that the Global Talent visa would be the best visa for him to have.

During our initial consultation with our client, we discussed his experience and analysed his CV to undertake an initial assessment. It was clear from his CV that he had an impressive background which demonstrated a number of innovative ideas he had developed from inception.

How We Assisted

Our client explained that he had been researching the visa route extensively and had already been working on the documents for the application. We were able to quickly review the documents and advised him that we needed more documents demonstrating his involvement in the innovative systems he had set up.

Our client was eager to submit the application, but we advised that he should not rush making the application when his evidence was not up to scratch. He understood and was happy to obtain further evidence to support his application.

He wished to apply for the endorsement and the visa simultaneously in order to save time.

The Outcome

Approximately six weeks after the endorsement application was submitted, we were contacted by the Home Office advising that the endorsement had been granted by Tech Nation. We swiftly moved on to the visa application processing and following the submission of the visa application, he received his decision after two weeks.

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