Pakistani Woman Granted Asylum in the UK

By Amer Zaman

on May 24, 2022

The Context

Our client entered the UK with a valid work permit visa with her husband. Their location in the UK had been compromised and they felt that her life was in danger if they were to return to Pakistan.

The couple no longer felt safe in Pakistan because she feared that she would become the victim of an honour-based killing as she and her husband, who was her boyfriend at the time had terminated a pregnancy through an abortion. Abortions were illegal in Pakistan (when they pass a certain term) and are culturally unacceptable.

While preparing to come to the UK, her family became aware of this; however, the couple felt they would be safe once in the UK. When her family became aware of her whereabouts in the UK, she felt that she was no longer able to return, as on return she would likely face death.

How We Assisted

We advised our client about the strengths and weakness of her case and in particular, where she would be required to provide documentary evidence in support of her claim. We worked with her to advise on how she could obtain the evidence to help support her claim, so that the Home Office could see that her version of events was backed up with corroborating evidence.

During her interview, our client was able to answer all the questions posed to her by the Home Office and was able to direct them to the evidence which she felt backed up her claim. Our client was later invited to a second interview to face further questioning regarding some concerns the Home Office had. Again, our client answered their questions in full, providing a substantial amount of detail.

The Outcome

The Home Office was satisfied with the oral and documentary evidence, and granted our client asylum after four months.

The asylum process can be a frustrating and tiresome process and therefore, seeking legal advice is essential. At Cranbrook Legal, we have dealt with a wide range of issues affecting people and have successfully applied for asylum on their behalf. Contact us today to discuss your case so that we can assist you.

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